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About our Products

Soutron’s software products address the needs of libraries and archives, corporate and government organizations, healthcare industries and membership organizations, globally.

At the heart of each product is a flexible database – what we call “the core”.

 This makes it possible to fine tune meta data structures, introduce relationships between data elements and  to meet a specific requirement for managing information.

Our 'Core' Flexible Database

Flexible Software Product Solutions

Every Soutron product is easy to configure and easy to change over time. Where a custom or specific set of needs are required we can build solutions that integrate the necessary products and introduce new workflows or features as part of the product. Our development team is always looking at ways to improve systems and add new features.

Our Product Solutions

The range of products we offer address the following areas:


Additional Plugins

The following plugins / optional products are also available:

Please Note: Some product solutions are region specific and may not be available in all countries.

End User Search

Our Search Portal technology provides fast, easy access to your online catalogue, collections, archives and digital materials. 

Learn more about our Search Portal technology

Fast, Customisable, End User Search Portal


Soutron Administration Screens


Administration Controls

Our administration screens provide you with extensive controls over the whole application. Create new patrons, add new content and manage your online resources securely.


Going Beyond…

We also enjoy relationships with third party organizations who can provide additional components or systems to build an extended solution. View our list of 3rd Party Integrations available.

If you have an idea or project in mind and wish to learn more about our products or just have a specific question you wish to ask, please contact us today or visit our partner for the Canadian region www.soutronglobal.com.


Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives