SoutronSOLO the ILS for Smaller Libraries

SoutronSOLO - The Integrated Library Management System for Smaller Libraries Our Integrated Library Management System for Larger Libraries

SoutronSOLO is designed with the solo librarian in mind and as such has been customised to reflect a reduced set of needs.

It borrows a number of features from the Soutron Integrated Library System but it is distinct and different.

Soutron for your Integrated Library System

There are no “modules” just a single integrated system with the core functions needed to operate a library service. This smaller cost effective solution suits the needs of part-time or solo librarians who work within a smaller library with a small budget.

No matter what the size, it is still very important however to harness the latest web technologies to maximize efficiency.

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Keep things simple

Put your ILS in the Cloud Cloud Based Small Integrated Library Solution

SoutronSOLO is a Cloud-based system so there is no call on your internal IT department to implement or provide support.

You provide us with your data and we provide you with a URL to your new system No need for on-site visits (unless you really want to see us) it’s all done remotely which means reduced implementation time and reduced costs.

All updates and changes are done automatically without the delays often experienced with internally installed systems. The system is purposefully simple to use, training can be done ‘live’ over the web to suit your needs, either all in one go or in bite-sized chunks to suit users.


Fast and Flexible

SoutronSOLO ILS brings content together under a single search.The speed and performance introduced by mobile technologies is embedded into SoutronSOLO ILS so that tasks can be easily and quickly executed on any device, and in any sequence.

SoutronSOLO ILS comes ready to use, with pre-defined templates and work flows that need no configuration. The system is naturally integrated with a high quality design-led Search Portal that brings content together under a single search.

These are the foundations for improved productivity. Learn more about our Search Portal and example sites.


Provide us with your data

SoutronSOLO Screenshot of our LMS for smaller libraries

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And we provide you with a URL to your new system

Depending of the size and complexity of your data, data conversion services and reporting services are usually included as part of the service with no additional cost, so moving to SoutronSOLO ILS is an easy and low cost option.

This is unique in our industry and demonstrates the level of service Soutron users can expect. Provide us with your data in electronic format and if its clean and straightforward, we can convert it easily into your new system. Messy data may incur additional charges for data cleaning and re-structuring.


Data security

Your data is safe with usSoutron are Cyber Essentials Certified

If you are used to having your data in-house and worry about security, please don’t!

Soutron’s ISO 27001 Quality Accredited Data Centres and certificates SSL/TLS and IP restrictions provide reassurance.Data is backed up hourly.

Find out more about our Cyber Essentials Plus certification.


A few of the key features:

  • Single library instance with up to 3 Admin users
  • Modern design, mobile friendly, branded Search Portal
  • Up to 30,000 titles and unlimited copies
  • Copy-Cataloguing from external resources
  • Predefined record templates, ready to use including Books, Articles, Journals, Precedents etc.
  • Fully integrated for cataloguing, loans, self-issue, ordering and basic serial check-in.
  • Index Documents (Word, PDF etc.)
  • Real-time full text indexing of records and documents
  • Log inquiries and create Know How
  • Management Reports and Search Usage Statistics
  • Barcode or RFID technologies
  • Automated data loading and indexing

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A Brief Introduction to Soutron SOLO ILS


Sideman Bancroft LLP“We chose Soutron to replace the outdated software used to manage the library’s print collection because of its flexibility, range of features, competitive pricing and attractive, user-friendly OPAC.

Working with SoutronGlobal supports the library’s provision of high-caliber information management and service to the firm. As a solo librarian with more familiarity with research than technical services, I especially appreciate being able to view recordings of the training sessions and the extensive online help guides.”

Karen Calarco

Library Services Manager, Sideman Bancroft LLP, San Francisco

Next Steps

We trust the above information has provided an insight into what is possible with SoutronSolo. Next steps



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A Solution for Larger Libraries?

View our Integrated Library Management System for Larger LibrariesFor Libraries with more users needing multiple Search Portals over multiple-sites and a larger database, our full scale Soutron Integrated Library Management System might be more suitable.



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