Digital Asset Management

The capability to manage digital assets is built into the core of all Soutron products. With this capability, you will be able to manage all types of content, including the aforementioned digital assets. Material can be manually indexed for access and linked to records while remaining within your corporate file system or content can be digitized, extracted from an electronic source, captured as XML and loaded as a structured record.

Soutron software offers a variety of workflow configurations and settings to control the request and use of content. Configurable options include security settings, protection for viewing and downloading material, allowing user-generated content and automatic data loading.

Our Digital Asset Management Software provides an extremely flexible system for storing digital materials. Each type of digital content can be described to the system with a quick and simply defined record structure – without any need for IT support. Fields can be defined and added at any time, allowing meta-data specific to the digital asset to be recorded and assigned as needed.

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