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Distribute PDFs and eBooks securely to mobile devices, tablets or desktop computers with SoutronSDS, our easy to use Cloud-based software platform.

The changes and advances made in recent years in publishing and in mobile communications have led to a growth in Digital Content. This is particularly challenging for corporate and government bodies where access to information is important but needs to be measured against security considerations.

Systems for the distribution of eBooks have largely been neglected by aggregators whose solutions are focused on proprietary platforms and sales to academic markets. Soutron provides a secure independent document distribution platform that is under the control of the organisation and can be customised and integrated with internal systems and repositories.

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Features of SoutronSDS Secure Document Software


Take Control

Take Control of your eBooks and PDFsSoutronSDS makes it easy for digital content in the form of PDFs and eBooks to be shared with the certainty that the information stays with the intended recipient. An audit log is maintained and the administrator can determine when and how content is accessed.

Digital assets can be “pushed” to either an individual’s bookshelf on one or multiple devices or to groups of users in a project team or working on a task. Alternatively a “catalogue” can be published where the metadata is searchable for end users to be able to selectively download materials.


How it Works

SoutronSDS a digital media store of eBooks and PDFsSoutronSDS creates a digital media store of eBooks and PDFs and their metadata.

A web browser based Management Console is used by the Administrator to control all access permissions, setting up individual or group assignments to materials – Digital Rights Management (DRM). This simple interface controls who has access to what content and when and how they can use it. DRM can be optionally applied to digital assets to determine security policy for all assets.


Simple for users

Adobe Digital Editions eReader SupportedEnd users access content via the eReader of their choice on their device. We recommend using the free and secure Adobe Digital Editions eReader which is widely available to download from an App Store to their computer or mobile device.

If digital assets are pushed to the individual these will appear on the eReader’s bookshelf automatically.




What our clients say

Dawn Southgate, Head of Knowledge at The Chartered Institute of Marketing explains how they use SoutronSDS to securely deliver course materials to their students, globally.


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