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Soutron are a supplier of Integrated Library, Archive and Knowledge Management Systems. In the USA and Canada our partner Soutron Global are your point of contact for special and corporate libraries in these regions.

In the increasingly complex world of information management, library work flows and knowledge management, our aim is simplicity.

We provide librarians and knowledge managers with simple, but feature rich applications that are flexible and can be designed to suit their information needs. Flexibility is in our DNA.

Our clients are at the heart of everything that we do, and our team, drawn from a combination of practicing librarians and technical staff will listen, understand and respond quickly to your needs. The relationships that we have formed with our global clients over the years drives us forward and compels us to continuously develop our offerings.

We are a private company which allows us to deliver value exclusively to our clients. This independence allows us to focus 100% on you and you will be able to influence the way that we work. We welcome challenges from all types and sizes of libraries and knowledge services, including where there is a need for a tailored system or custom features that require assistance in design and development.

You won’t be able to find a better approach to ensuring your satisfaction anywhere else.

Compare our Library and Archive Management Solutions or visit our partner to learn more www.soutronglobal.com.

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Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

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