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Soutron Global would like to introduce our podcast, Vertical File.

A series of podcasts presented by John Connolly MLIS, PMP, where we bring together expert voices to discuss knowledge and information management theories, practical applications, and insightful strategies. Vertical File welcomes a variety of guests from archives, information management, learning, and other roles to discuss how knowledge resources can be leveraged across functions to make organizations thrive. 

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About John Connolly

John Connolly, PMP is a project manager and librarian with more than 15 years of experience in management in software and special libraries.

He has a strong background in cataloguing, metadata generation, information management, and knowledge management.

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About Soutron Global

Soutron has been the longest serving supplier of library and information management software in the UK market since 1989, with an expanding presence in North America, the European Union, and Asian markets. In 2022, with support from Bloom equity partners, a growth equity firm supplying capital and operational expertise, Soutron Global merged its US and UK operations to expand global operations.

The relationships we have formed with our global clients over the years has driven us forward and compels us to continually develop our library, archive, and business information management software solutions.

We welcome challenges from all types and sizes of special libraries, archives, and business information discovery centers to supply a tailored business information management and knowledge services portal. You will not be able to find a better approach to ensuring your satisfaction anywhere else, and we would like to see if we can exceed your expectations as well as we have done with your peers.

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