Soutron Integrations

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

As a secure, flexible and cloud-based information management application Soutron can integrate with many third-party services to provide many functions, enhancements and features beyond the core application.

Below are a selection of some of the popular systems available.

Soutron Plugins
The following plugins / optional products are also available to enhance the service we provide:
Other Services and Websites
Embed the Soutron Search Widget on any 3rd party website or intranet. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint & others.
Create links directly to records held on other digital preservation services like Preservica.
Discovery & Research Services

EBSCO – Bring together EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service) and Soutron. Automate the export of records from Soutron to EDS which can be indexed and found by their service, additionally our API can be used to get real-time copy and availability information.
JISC Archives Hub and Jisc Library Hub (COPAC)
Haplo Services
PubMed – Import abstracts from PubMed where matching metadata can be found between the Soutron record and PubMeds API.
Reprints Desk – Ingest machine readable email to automatically create the article in Soutron and attach the article PDF to the record for review.
Thomson Reuters Legal Search Connect (Solcara) – This service uses the Soutron API to query the Soutron database to retrieve library materials and return them in a federated search along with other sources supported by Solcara.

Mendeley & ZoteroNEW – Using highwire press tags Soutron can be used with referencing tools such as these to allow users to save a Soutron records key information as a reference.
Bibliographic Online Lookup Services
Jisc Library Hub (COPAC) – Free
Google Books – Free
Nielsen – (Live subscription with Nielsen required)
Google Services
Google Analytics – For providing extensive statistical reporting on your Soutron Search Portal visitors, locations and on-site behaviour.
YouTube – Embed video directly from your channel into individual records in Soutron.
Google Drive – Link to documents you wish to share with users directly from Soutron.
Audio / Video Sites
YouTube – Embed video directly from your channel into individual records in Soutron.
Vimeo – Embed video directly from your channel into individual records in Soutron.
SoundCloud – Link audio clips directly to individual records in Soutron. – Embed podcasts directly from your channel into individual records in Soutron.
Document Storage & File Sharing
Box – Link to shared documents you wish users to access directly from Soutron.
DropBox – Link to shared documents you wish users to access directly from Soutron.
Google Drive – Link to shared documents you wish users to access directly from Soutron.
iManage – Link to documents you wish to share with iManage registered users directly from Soutron.
Financial & Accounts
Create financial reports that can be scheduled to run and exported for use in finance systems that can import such content. With so many accounts applications in the marketplace, contact us to learn more about this time saving service for your team.
eBook Publishers
Soutron can be configured to accept regular imports either manually or automatically at scheduled times to ingest the meta contents and information from your eBook providers. With so many publishers available, contact us with details of your publisher to learn more about this service.
RFID Providers
Soutron is ready to work with leading RFID suppliers like Dtech, BiblioTecha or PSP Asset Protection.
Directory Services
Soutron is designed to work with Directory Services such as those managed via established protocols such as SAML, AD and ADFS. In addition we can build custom connections with in house systems or third party membership services to authenticate and provide a means to keep a user file updated.
Leading providers include Azure AD, OneLogin and Okta.
Social Media
We can provide integration with social media networks for those who would like to use the power of social media to help promote those with public facing collections and catalogues to a wider audience.
Marketing Services
Mailchimp – It is possible to link specific meta fields between Mailchimp and Soutron via our automated task management tools. A fantastic opportunity for you to help automate your email marketing activities for your library, archive or information service. Other email marketing service providers are available, contact us to learn more.
If you run an online bookstore or similar online retail service, contact us to see how we can help bring both your ecommerce site and the online collections you curate with Soutron together.
Our API and Import / Export
Soutron has the ability to run manual or scheduled import and export routines. You can import or export data in .csv, .xml and MARC formats locally or to an SFTP location. We have recently added the ability to import and export data in the BibTeX file format too.
Soutron has a RESTful XML API which provides direct programmable access.

Next Steps

View our core products available today. If you use an application, online database or resource not listed above and would like to see how it could work in harmony with Soutron, contact us with details.
Some of the services listed above may require a setup and configuration charge as well as an annual maintenance fee to allow us to maintain the service and connector.