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Soutron’s Information Management application is well known for being able to manage Library and Archive materials as well as Know How. Soutron’s end-user document submission tool provides a way to systemize knowledge transfer to create institutional knowledge. Content can be submitted into the database from staff, members, partners in the form of digital documents or assets, such as documents, suggestions, images, drawings, reports etc. This gives the library or archive an automated means of having content captured into the database, safely and securely from company employees, researchers or end users to the Information Service. This added content can then be validated and further enhanced where needed and included in the catalogue.

Users are presented with a clean, intuitive web form to which it is simple and easy to attach documents or images and enter data into fields that the administrator of the system can design and control. Fields can be presented with custom tool tips, to guide a user on how to complete entries in the form. The form can be accessed via the Search Portal and is an efficient automated way to receive content / data for submission into the database for publishing in the online catalogue, subject to approval of the Administrator.

The Administrator can view all submissions and, by using filters, select or report on the status and progress of any or all Submissions.

End users of the service can visit their ‘My Account’ page to review the status of any submissions made. Examples include:


Deposits into the Archive and recording of new Accessions. This can provide a simple way for users to submit records, documents, images or even audio video content for the archivist to process.

Document Management

Management reports, papers, company files can be sent securely to the corporate information service. An additional option is available for the review of documents by experts or managers before being accepted into the document repository.


An Enquiry Form can be designed and presented with or without attachments, either short and easy to complete, or with the option to provide additional fields. A simple drag ‘n’ drop for attachments keeps things simple.

Other uses could include

Custom field labels and helpful tooltips aid data entry. Soutron End User Submissions could be used for a variety of applications:

  • Student Submissions
  • Engineering Reports Submission
  • Technical Drawings Submission
  • Legal Document / Conveyancing / Deeds Submission
  • Photographic Submission
  • Field / Sales Staff Document Submission
  • Editorial Submissions, Documents, Images, Audio or Video

An audit trail is generated automatically: the total number of submissions, by whom, date of submission and acceptance can all be logged.

End User Submission can be extended to support a full record document review process, view Soutron Document Review for details.



“Been looking into the new submission area this morning it’s great! Really like the changes you’ve made & looking forward to seeing the full version!”

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