Soutron Celebrates 35 Years of Innovation in Information Management for Special Libraries, Knowledge Management, and Archives

35th Anniversary of Soutron!

International library, information, knowledge management and archives solution leader Soutron Global is commemorating its 35th anniversary, a milestone that highlights the company’s enduring commitment to enabling information professionals to provide access to information.

Since 1989, Soutron’s founder Graham Beastall’s core vision was to be dedicated to supporting librarians, archivists, and information professionals in their mission to transform information access, empower knowledge discovery and to take advantage of the latest database technology, a vision that remains as important as ever.

Soutron was one of the first companies to bring an integrated library management system to the UK market & this pioneering spirit enabled the library of a top London law firm to implement the firm’s very first computer network in the early ‘90s. Soutron continued to evolve and adapt, being an early adopter of web-based technology. It was in 2007 that Graham Partridge, a Soutron client of 10 years, joined Soutron to develop a true web integrated application utilizing a relational database which has evolved into the flexible Soutron Library & Information Management system that clients around the world enjoy today.

These milestones solidified Soutron’s position as a trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. The company’s growth has been marked by significant partnerships, product launches, and a commitment to serving both local and global clientele.

Throughout its 35-year history, Soutron has supported hundreds of clients in implementing transformative solutions, such as Peer Document Review for capturing internal knowledge and creating a combined library and archive solution to provide a complete information resource management solution. This rich experience has provided a unique perspective and deep understanding of the evolving needs of information professionals.

“Knowing our past gives us strength to look to the future with ever greater passion to serve,” says Tony Sadaat, CEO at Soutron. “We are committed to leveraging our extensive experience to develop innovative solutions that empower information professionals to deliver information services effectively.”

As we celebrate this 35th anniversary, Soutron is not just looking back at its achievements but also looking forward to the future.

“The field of information management is rapidly evolving, with trends such as artificial intelligence, migration to digital and other emerging technologies reshaping the landscape,” states Graham Partridge, VP Research and Development at Soutron Global. “Soutron is poised to navigate these changes by listening to our clients, leveraging our rich history of innovation and expertise to develop solutions and provide consultancy that meets the emerging needs of librarians, archivists, and information resource professionals worldwide.”

For more information on Soutron’s history, achievements, and future direction, please visit Soutron’s History page.