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Cost effective knowledge solutions for Health Information Professionals with the flexibility to serve clinical and corporate needs

Innovation in knowledge services is vital for health information professionals and their users and Soutron brings fresh ideas and innovative software solutions to meet the needs of Health Information Professionals. Solutions include:

  • Soutron Discovery Services
  • Soutron Inter Library Loans featuring Clio BL integration
  • Soutron Library Management
  • Soutron Knowledge Management
  • Soutron Archives


On any device – In real time – At any location

All Soutron applications are built using the latest HTML5 Web and Mobile technologies to deliver information to users on any device in real time at any location. Soutron Knowledge Core database technology makes it easy for Health Information Professionals to create new applications for Knowledge Services. These can include applications such as:

  • Clinical evidence and knowledge systems
  • Management of NICE Guidelines with Local Guidelines
  • Skills and Expertise Registers

Soutron Knowledge Core
Figure 1 Transformation of Data into Relevant Purposeful Information via Soutron Knowledge Core

One Stop Services customised specifically to Health Information and Medical Knowledge Services

Soutron Total Resource Information Management TrimA one-stop Digital Library & Knowledge & Discovery Service makes every member of staff more productive.

  • Health Information Professionals
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Management and Professional

Time is a critical resource. The faster a decision can be made with confidence from accurate and relevant supporting information, the better the service outcomes and the quicker new ideas can be tested and introduced. Soutron Discovery Services help professionals and researchers looking for articles, journals, papers, research, by providing an innovative search that is optimised for research and provides fast results for the user. Multiple search portals can be created. Each one customised to a practice group or department for access to targeted content. Search results can show related records that may be from internal sources such as Library Catalogues, Soutron’s Knowledge Core, Digital Document and Image collections, NICE Guidelines, third party systems, external databases and subscriptions to specific indexes.

Systems for collaboration and sharing best practice can be combined with in depth research and access to complex bodies of knowledge to provide supporting evidence. Soutron exploits relational database technology to aid accurate searching and workflows between professionals. Search is a critical part of the information management system landscape and so is security. Granular security and permissions models makes it easier for content to be made available to professionals via mobile devices yet remain secure.

Soutron’s knowledge of the National Health Service has been built up since 1989 with solutions for public health bodies as well as NHS Hospitals. All Soutron support services are provided by experienced and qualified staff in the UK who can support Knowledge Services on the ground in person; via telephone and virtual meetings; and through an Online Support Portal. Soutron has studied and listened to the way the NHS works to provide an informed response to needs. Our direct experience and knowledge of creating library and knowledge systems to support the NHS and our ability to customise solutions quickly to serve a local need places us in a unique position.