Soutron Knowledge Core

“The most important part of a thing” in Irish it would be called “croi” in Dutch “kern”,  in French “Coeur”. For Soutron the inner workings of all of our products is the database engine: “the heart that beats” and from it information is able to flow to all the parts of the body corporate.

Our vision is to be the supplier of the database at the heart of the solution. As the place to store meta data and digital content in an optimised structure and to make it suitable for any workflows or application functions to then connect to and work with it as necessary.

We are more concerned with making certain that the data is well structured, efficiently and easily accessed with connectors to application layers through APIs. Soutron Knowledge Core A great strength of the Soutron Knowledge Core is the way in which different data types and content can be ingested into the database. This is a facility that is not an obvious check-list item but is a very important part of building a solid foundation on which to build a knowledge strategy.

Our exposure to a wide and variety clientele with different types of data and the need to import and export data has helped us create a strong and powerful database. What we think of as the “core” to broader knowledge applications.

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