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Research Tools

Information Professionals and Researchers need fast and efficient access to information to do their job. They need a variety of tools to aid efficiency and create applications to manage meta-data to support organisational research needs.

  • Search & Discovery Services
  • Digital Library
  • Digital Archive
  • Skills and Expertise Register
  • Know How Systems
  • Project Research
  • Document Request & Delivery

All solutions created by Soutron use the latest HTML5 Web and Mobile technologies to deliver information to users at any location and to any device in real time. Soutron’s Knowledge Core makes it easy for local database creation and customisation; the creation of applications without recourse to Soutron or technical staff. Searching for information and sharing best practice is made easier by rich meta-data indexing and cross-referencing that is provided as part of the Knowledge Core facilities.

Soutron Knowledge Core


Soutron takes full advantage of relational database technology including advanced data management structures such as taxonomies and thesauri, related records, parts and amendments.


Ease of Search & Discovery

Search is the critical part of any information management system. It is however only one aspect of a complex set of needs. Soutron has designed TRIM (Total Resource Information Management) to incorporate fast and intuitive search facilities that are extensively user tested to provide researchers with a complete integrated process.

These include federated and real time indexes to access digital content with full text where available. Citations found are immediately transferred into Document Request systems to locate the article or information needed in a highly efficient process.

Modern day connectors such as APIs or web services enable our systems to integrate with your internal systems in a seamless manner. Where security is important clients can implement granular security and permissions models with or without DRM.

This makes it easier for content to be made accessible to peripatetic staff, yet remain secure.


Soutron at the Heart of Search and Discovery

Soutron Total Resource Information Management Trim

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  • Search portal flexibility with multiple search options
  • Support for varied data schemas
  • Metadata and Full Text
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple file formats (jpg, .doc, .pdf, ePUB etc)
  • Multi-lingual and multi-site operation

Search Portal

The information service supporting users need flexibility. This is demonstrated by the use of template designs to create one or more search portals. Each one is customized to a particular research group and targeted at specific content. Alternatively, a single search portal can be designed that searches across all types of content.

Soutron has over 35 years experience serving research information departments. We provide effective tools to find and manage information within a fully hosted and secure Data Centre environment that can be deployed in days. Our simple and straightforward approach means the Information Professional can focus on Value Added tasks, secure in the knowledge that their end uses are well served.