Charities and Not For Profit

Charities and Not for Profit

The need for flexible solutions

Efficient management of information is really important for any organisation especially one that has limited funds and multiple needs. Charities and non-profit organisations require information management tools that are easy to use and flexible. Easy to use because there is usually a limited number of information professional staff to perform many of the tasks and therefore systems need to be intuitive.

Flexible because there are many different interests to look after – members, staff, management, researchers etc. All have their own particular emphasis and may need different treatment.

Multiple Applications from a Single Database

Soutron is used by many non-profit organisations because the software can be tuned to perform a variety of tasks. Soutron is very flexible. A single database can be used for:

  • Library
  • Archive
  • Knowledge

This makes financial sense, a one database that can be simply and quickly set up for new needs by staff without IT expertise. For example, Soutron can be used to provide services to support knowledge sharing or build skills registers as well as being able to manage enquiries.

Store Physical and Digital Information

Physical information assets have not disappeared but are fast losing ground to digital information in different formats. Soutron has been designed from the outset to manage both physical and digital content to store and share different types of content including full text documents. Information stored can be presented as needed to different user constituencies by Soutron’s design friendly Search Portal templates or its industry standard API (Application Program Interface).

Soutron’s TRIM (Total Resource Information Management) solution can be customised to meet the particular needs of non-profits that are engaged in research and supporting the development of new knowledge. This can includes single search technology and document request services to reduce the time and effort finding and acquiring content.

Soutron’s Knowledge Core is an ideal tool to help capture and distribute information within defined processes.

Soutron Knowledge Core for Charities and Non for Profit

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