Written By: Michael Hughes, Senior Account Manager


Abbey RoadAs a result of a national government stay at home order in the UK, the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing, made famous by the 1969 Beatles album of the same name, was repainted this week – while the streets of London are empty because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is an example of making the best of a bad situation and adapting to the new routine, mandatory remote work, or WFH.

We wanted to share a piece of practical advice, related to your ILS (Library Management System), for Librarians and Information Professionals (Info Pros) currently working from home. If you’re able to do this in your current ILS, we encourage you to do it.  

If you can’t do this in your current ILS and want to… talk to us. We can help.

With team members and colleagues now most likely working from home (and undoubtedly performing less research than usual) there is time for the small things. The question is, though, how do you break those tasks up amongst your team? 

Here we can help with an actionable and useful ILS customization that you should be able to make to quickly help your team stay on top of tasks when working remotely.


Create a Task Management System in your ILS

COVID Tasks in the Soutron Portal

  1. Using your ILS catalog, set up a custom record type called Remote Working Tasks, or similar
  2. Your ILS should make it simple for you to define a sensible and meaningful set of fields to define and describe tasks and then allow for reporting via the capture of critical metrics
  3. Populate the new record templates with the To-Do list for your team
  4. Quickly and easily allocate tasks to your team or allow staff members to pick up tasks themselves

Soutron Portal COVID-19 Tasks

Simple. Actionable. Measurable. Please – stay safe and well.

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