Soutron Global Publishes Profile About Soutron’s Usage in the Legal Industry

Soutron Press Release

International library, archives, information, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the availability of a comprehensive company profile that elaborates on its pioneering Integrated Library System (ILS) designed explicitly for law libraries. Written by Sarah Sutherland, named one of the Fastcase 50 in 2022, this article underscores the system’s robust features, user testimonials, and the potential benefits for law organizations worldwide.

“Soutron’s Integrated Library System initially was specifically designed to address the technical challenges of managing legal collections,” states Tony Saadat, President & CEO of Soutron Global. “As this comprehensive company profile suggests, Soutron’s Integrated Library System offers an optimized and accessible solution for managing complex legal collections and advancing a firm’s legal information services.”

Law is intricately woven with information, demanding instantaneous access and precision. Realizing this, Soutron’s ILS offers streamlined information retrieval to ensure legal collections are manageable and easily accessible. The company profile provides a deep dive into how law firms and libraries have reaped significant benefits from Soutron’s ILS.

Brian McCann, the Systems Manager at Stinson LLP, states, “the library catalog is ideally one of the first three places people look for information,” highlighting Soutron’s importance as a central research tool. He further emphasized how Soutron enables users to discover valuable information that isn’t available in major subscription services.

The company profile highlights how Soutron’s ILS is equipped to handle the unique challenges of managing legal materials, such as primary law’s multi-format publishing and irregular legal serial schedules. The profile sheds light on how Soutron’s customizable subscription records provides for current and efficient collections, mitigating risk and providing for the management of costly subscriptions.

For those firms interested in expanding their services beyond the firm, Soutron’s ILS facilitates sharing selective information with clients and industry partners, enhancing the firm’s value proposition. With Soutron, firms can leverage advanced reporting and customization features, with an assurance of excellent technical support and regular system updates.

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Sarah SutherlandAbout Sarah Sutherland

Sarah A. Sutherland is principal consultant at Parallax Information Consulting, focusing on legal data strategy. She brings extensive experience in the use of data to drive effective management of legal organizations, developing strategies for organizations to better serve communities around the world. Her book, Legal Data and Information in Practice: How Data and the Law Interact, was published by Routledge in January 2022, and she has been writing a column for Slaw, Canada’s online legal magazine, since 2013. She was also named one of the Fastcase 50 in 2022, an award that honors the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, & leaders.