Global Design Company, Fossil Inc., Selects Soutron Global for Digital Asset Management

Diverse Creative Assets for Fashion/Design Firm Managed by Cutting-Edge ILS

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces that Fossil Inc., a global fashion and design company whose brands are sold in 90 countries worldwide, has selected Soutron Global to transform their library, by cataloging information assets alongside their diverse creative design items. Fossil is located in Richardson, TX.

Innovative design and development lies at the heart of Fossil’s success, and Fossil needed an integrated library solution (ILS) that would manage and provide easy access to both their fashion design books and creative materials ranging from audio-visual items to vintage ephemera consisting of thousands of bag, fabric, and leather samples.

Brand Archivist Laura Pike-Seeley needed a single system to manage all of these different types of materials, a functional ILS to accommodate non-MARC records, and the facility to display their digital design assets in search results in a gallery view of horizontal rows.

As Pike-Seeley evaluated the available ILS and DAM solutions, she needed to take both library and creative needs into consideration. “Fossil is a fashion/design company, and its library must appeal to creative, artistic people. The look and functionality of Soutron’s OPAC answers this need,” states Pike-Seeley. “And because Soutron’s system is newer than the others I considered, it will be more responsive to OPAC development trends.”

The capability to manage digital assets is built into the core of Soutron Global to provide an extremely flexible system for storing digital materials. Each type of digital content can be described to the system with a quick and simply defined record structure – without any need for IT support. Fields can be defined and added at any time, allowing meta-data specific to the digital asset to be recorded and assigned as needed.

According to Soutron Global President and CEO, Tony Saadat, “The challenges of maintaining contemporary library or information center collections created from ephemera has become increasingly acute. I’m proud that Fossil chose our comprehensive library automation solution for their digital asset management (DAM) due to its flexibility, ease of customization, and ease-of-use.”


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