The Salvation Army Archives Canada and Bermuda Selects Soutron Global

Digital “War Cry” Historical Collection Available for Public Viewing Online

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces the implementation of Soutron Global within the Salvation Army Archives of Canada and Bermuda to manage their historical digital assets, The War Crys publication. The collection is located in the Salvation Army Toronto office and made available for public viewing via the Soutron Global discovery portal.

The Salvation Army of Canada and Bermuda is the largest non-government direct provider of social services in Canada, and recently converted from an older Inmagic application to the multi-lingual Soutron Global library and information system. Built into the core of all Soutron Global products is the capability to easily and flexibly manage digital assets. Materials can be manually indexed for access and linked to records while remaining within a corporate file system. Content can also be digitized, extracted from an electronic source, captured as XML and loaded as a structured record.

“The Salvation Army Archives, Canada and Bermuda is pleased to partner with Soutron Global in the management and distribution of its on-line heritage War Crys,” states Colonel John Carew, Director of The Salvation Army Archives Canada and Bermuda Territory. The first edition of The War Cry was printed on December 27, 1879 in London, England by General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, and continues to be the official news publication of the Salvation Army today.

“Historical materials that are not digitized risk being neglected and lost to potential future users,” states Tony Saadat, President & CEO, Soutron Global. “As electronic tools have become the main tool for information and knowledge discovery, items not catalogued have the potential to disappear from the public’s collective cultural memory, creating a history riddled with holes. I am delighted our solution can help the Salvation Army record, exploit, and digitize such valuable history.”

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