Transatlantic Alliance To Transform Library Automation

Game Changing Transaction From Industry Stalwarts

San Diego, CA


A transatlantic alliance between two industry veterans is set to change the face of corporate and special library automation in 2012.

Tony Saadat, President & CEO of Soutron Global and Graham Beastall, Founder & Managing Director of Soutron Limited, had first worked together at Sydney Development Corporation in the mid-80s. Each has since become a high-profile, respected player in his own market: Tony in North America, and Graham in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

California-based Soutron Global will become the world headquarters for this powerful partnership, which will deliver innovative Library and Knowledge Management solutions supported by unparalleled customer service with cost efficiencies built-in.

Tony Saadat describes this transaction as a game changer and Soutron systems as “amazingly easy to use. The emphasis on managing digital content and making workflows simple to administer, with total empathy for the challenges libraries face today, has already won many friends and admirers in North America”.

Graham Beastall remarks “Tony has always been at the forefront of applying technology to transform libraries. He is known throughout the library industry as a software executive who listens to his clients and provides inspirational leadership. Now Tony will bring the significant benefits of Soutron’s investment in web technologies to a global audience, while building a pro-active support network for clients across North America.

With customer service at the heart of everything we do, Tony shares our values and has an excellent record of running global library businesses. Our combined expertise will create greater choice for libraries and information centers that want to enhance and expand their services.”

At a time when the information industry and libraries are undergoing seismic shifts, the partnership between these two industry veterans demonstrates a long history of continuous support for librarians and information professionals. Combined with game-changing innovation, Soutron Global is a viable and cost-effective solution for clients who want greater value for their money without compromising on unparalleled service.

Soutron’s mission is to help transform libraries in harmony with business strategies, goals and needs. Soutron’s key to transforming libraries is to apply the right digital management techniques in the most efficient manner. From the initial conceptualization, to the committed library-business focused process, Soutron is dedicated towards improving and optimizing the use of knowledge assets locally and globally.


About Soutron Limited

Soutron develops simple and easy to use library automation systems for corporate and special libraries using web technologies. The company, established in 1989, is the longest serving software supplier to special libraries in the UK market. Soutron can be found online at


About Soutron Global

As a client-driven company with strong award-winning leadership, Soutron Global is a cloud-based Library, Knowledge, and Information Management Solutions provider dedicated to “Managing Library Transformation”. Soutron Global partners with special libraries and information centers around the globe to transition them to digital technologies with innovative, easy-to-use high-quality products. Soutron Global can be found online at