Database Design

Soutron Database Design

For many clients, a package database application is the ideal solution, incorporating adequate flexibility to achieve their objectives. Other clients genuinely need a bespoke database specifically designed to accommodate their particular requirements.

We Won’t Reinvent The Wheel

Where this is the case, Soutron will examine what we can achieve with our standard applications, to keep your cost down and timescale tight. Of course, should you require features or functionality outside of the scope of applications we have already built, we’ll use our expertise and tools to create a custom database which fulfils your specific requirements.

Examples of Databases We Made Earlier

Recycling Design for a Rapid Response

Vodafone approached Soutron for a “Learnings database” to support knowledge sharing between operations and new acquisitions in multiple countries. Using the approach described above, Soutron was able to quickly create a prototype, using Microsoft SQL Server, to be presented at a CEO gathering in Rome. Internal IT would never have got to this project inside 6 months but Soutron’s managed hosted option meant that the user department sponsoring the system did not have to wait for a slot in the IT schedule.

We completed the prototype project within a few weeks and, once approved, developed the system for use within a few months and it’s still running as a global solution in 23 countries today.

Sometimes it’s Better to Start with a Clean Sheet

A large utility company wanted to create an archive facility to accommodate materials that might otherwise be lost in a planned relocation. Although the organisation’s needs were mostly straightforward, some twists and turns meant that it would be faster and cheaper to build a database using Soutron software. We applied our combined expertise in database design and .NET skills and took account of future needs for library resources to be included in the database at a later stage, resulting in an entirely web-based application which is hosted by Soutron.

The client is particularly pleased with a neat inclusion of a taxonomy that can be navigated using a tree-like structure, rather than the usual keyword search, to find materials.

Intranet Challenge

The AA put our database design skills to the test creating an Intranet application to manage contracts and support the procurement process. Starting out as a legal library requirement, this project quickly expanded to encompass all data and corporate procedures that support the purchasing function. Soutron’s solution relies on some core databases which control all of the AA’s purchasing contracts.

We can talk to you about your specific requirements then apply our library science know how to achieve your database project quickly and cost efficiently.