Soutron New 4.1.4 Software Update

We are pleased to announce the latest software update to Soutron is now available, version 4.1.4.

This update provides an eagerly awaited new ‘Collections’ feature, refinements to both the Search Portal, updates to the new Admin pages and further language support. Details can be found below.

These latest updates are the results of our agile development process and by working closely with, and listening to, our clients’ needs. The results are an industry leading world class library, archive and information management solution.

Introducing the latest updates and features

Search Portal

The Search Portal sees further enhancements and features based on client requests and feedback we have received.

You asked:


Collections – a new feature – has been introduced to the Search Portal.

This feature empowers patrons / users to select records from within Search Results and to assign them to a “Collection”. A patron / user who is logged in may create their own Collection, adding and removing items as needed.

A Collection can be easily managed, shared and organized in a tree view as shown below. This makes it easy for patrons / users, researchers or lawyers to quickly reference items of use that have been found, creating their own “Bento Box” of records and materials, avoiding the need to keep performing searches or looking through saved searches for multiple relevant records.

Soutron Search Portal Collections on version 4.1.4

Saved Searches Enhanced!

Search Portal Saved Searches now have an enhanced facility to organize them in tree views with improved sharing options. A simple, intuitive drag and drop control makes it easier to organize and list saved searches.

Soutron Search Portal Saved Searches Update on version 4.1.4


End users/patrons can view/cancel reservations

My Account is further improved in this release with a new feature for End Users/Patrons to View/Cancel their Reservations from within the Search Portal My Account.

Soutron Search Portal Reservations on version 4.1.4


End users/patrons renew overdue loans page

A new form has been introduced for a user/patron to Renew Current Loans. Similar to My Account but this doesn’t require a login. Users/patrons are provided with direct access to this function via a link from the ‘Overdue’ email sent automatically from Soutron.

Soutron New 4.1.4 Software Update


This expedites the whole renewal process and simplifies access for library users/patrons.

Improved mobile responsiveness

We have also made several updates to the Search Portal to provide an even better viewing experience especially when viewing on a mobile, tablet or computer device. Most of these are behind the scenes and require no knowledge by Library staff but whoever is administering the templates that are used in the Search Portal design will find a difference. 

Soutron Admin

Easier management of search templates

The Search form is now configured via the Admin pages, made simple to use with a new drag & drop feature and the improved User Interface design. The modern, quick and simple to use interface is intuitive and makes setting up and amending Search Templates easy.

Soutron Easy Search Template Editing on version 4.1.4


Reservations, a new default status

A Default Availability status is a new configuration option within the System Admin pages.

Preparation for additional language translations

The ability to efficiently update Language translations (field labels and menu items) has been introduced for the Soutron Admin and Search Portal. As an example, Amharic has been included for a new client in Ethiopia and the work done to include this makes it simpler to add other languages too.

If multilingual support is needed beyond the language that is in your system today, please contact our helpdesk for details. Please note there may be a cost to implement a new language into the system.

Current patron/user, loan notification from another user

When an item is on loan to a user (user A) and another user (user B) requests the item, the system can generate a notice to user A, advising that someone else is seeking to borrow the title they have on loan. This may assist in sharing scarce resources more efficiently.

Other updates include:

  • Add an order-line to a previously placed order.
  • Catalogue records with standard orders can now be merged.
  • Predicted Issue enumeration can be displayed and edited from the Preview Prediction screen in an Order.

An extensive list of further updates and enhancements including  fixes and improvements can be viewed in the Release Notes.

Please note

We will not update any instance of Soutron without your permission.
Please visit our support site where you can request an upgrade at a time convenient to you.

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