Flexibility is in Our DNA

Soutron’s flexible Library Management System (LMS) provides for the creation of information centres, knowledge centres, and library search portals that are tailored to support the unique information needs of an organisation.

A secure, fast, flexible solution that integrates with your organisation’s workflows because we understand how important that is to your day-to-day duties.

We’ve had over 30 years to listen to our clients and refine our software. We can tailor your solution to serve today’s requirements and anticipate tomorrow’s demands. Let us show you a better way to manage your collection with Soutron.

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What Soutron's LMS can do for you

Flexible, Modern Library System Management (LMS)

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From A to Z and In-between

Amplify the Impact of Your Special Library

Our LMS software solution is the ideal choice for Librarian, Information, and Knowledge Management professionals to meet the research and information management needs of their organisations beyond the typical library setting.

Whether you oversee a research association, think tank, or specialised information hub, Soutron’s LMS is simple for everyone to use, allows room for growth, and can be accessed securely from any device at any time.



Soutron is established as the leader in our field because we see our software as we see our clients: striving to be the best.

No Hidden Costs

With Soutron you pay a single annual fee that includes all software maintenance, support and hosting services.

Continual Development

Your needs will change so our team is constantly adding new features and functionalities.

Everything in One Place

Soutron includes Cataloguing, Circulation, Thesaurus/Authority Control, Acquisitions, Serials and much more in one system.

Flexibility & Functionality

Gives you control over how you organise your library system and provides rapid access to your special collection materials.

Security & Accessibility

Set security access permissions to restrict access or demand acknowledgement of copyright.

Search Portal & Collaboration

By taking advantage of our pre-built search portal templates designed for library portals, information and knowledge centres, you can quickly start providing fast, secure access to internal and external materials on any device due to Soutron’s responsive design.

The Soutron LMS supports single or multiple locations, with customised information centre portals, seamlessly integrated with SharePoint and Microsoft Active Directory.  

Soutron Library Management tasks and workflows appeal to many because of the simplified operations and associated cost savings and efficiencies that can be achieved. 

Catalogues, Item Management & Circulations

When we say flexibility is in our DNA, we mean it.

Within the Soutron LMS there can be any number of fields, record templates in addition to content categories, and relationships between data elements can be easily established to make the management and presentation of both physical and digital data more meaningful, unlike other turnkey library LMS systems.

Automatically retrieve  metadata from external library services e.g. Nielsens, Jisc (COPAC), Library of Congress, or Google Books.

Take control of your circulations and physical materials with extensive submission and item management features.

Provide for the intelligent capture of project artifacts by creating your own custom content submission forms, ensuring a way for your end-users to submit their own materials, complete with full document review and metadata management tools for document submissions.


Thesaurus / Authority Control

Our Thesaurus module provides a greater user experience for searching, display of information and the ability to share entries across your organisation via its' own API.

Create any number of metadata thesauri, each with a full complement of built in term relationships.
Share common taxonomy entries between corporate departments.

Plus, the Soutron Metadata Summarizer extracts metadata from text-based documents, creates the record within the Soutron databases, complete with a summary of the document.

Acquisitions & Subscription Management

Soutron Acquisitions has every facility that you want and need, create, amend, cancel and control receipt and budgeting in every way you need.

Simply cancel and un-receive orders and check-ins, fast screen performance and easy to learn and apply workflows.

Uniquely Soutron employs the same processes to record orders for physical or electronic materials, online subscriptions (virtual copies), books or serials all follow the same process.

API, Reporting, Importing & Exporting

Integrate with third party systems via Soutron’s RESTful XML API, or Search Widget, so users can start their search from your own website.

A comprehensive selection of management reports are available to help you monitor your library and the ability to import / export your collections and records too. XML, MARC21 & CSV Data exchange formats supported.

A simplified and modernized LMS

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Our suite of capabilities will satisfy your team’s needs for a special library portal or business information centre.


Explore Custom Client Information Hubs

You can get some measure of the different approaches taken when deploying our technology by viewing some of our great client portals below.

Our software’s customisable templates are easy to learn how to use, making it straightforward for you to showcase your organisations special collection materials.

Transform Your Library or Information Centre Today!

Modernise Your Library or Information Centre With Soutron

We want to prove the value we can bring to your organisation. Our testimonials are one way to demonstrate that value and build trust, but so are these reasons:

IT Safe and Secure

As a cloud-based solution, we manage your database safely and securely in the cloud, reducing the strain on your IT team.

Expanded Library Access

Easily integrate Soutron with non-library enterprise applications, providing a greater opportunity to serve teams across the whole organisation.

30+ Years Strong

Our expertise in library management comes from over 30 years of working with all types of organisations and collections.

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Soutron Global Next Steps