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Soutron’s constant innovation, using new technologies and our exposure to the breadth of industries that we serve, provides unique insights that we can share with clients.

We bring a unique perspective to analyse needs and strategy development. This might result in harnessing new technology or simply re-organising existing practices with or without new software or systems. Soutron consultants are all seasoned veterans in the world of information management. Some of us have been there from the beginning of library automation. Some are of a younger generation who have been brought up on web and mobile technologies.  Some are librarians who have been at the sharp end of managing services and running libraries. All in all, we have over 100 man-years of combined knowledge of libraries and information management within our UK consulting services division.

If a global perspective is needed our colleagues in USA and Australia can be brought in to assist and develop ideas relevant to other cultures and continents. We have additional expertise in the form of known specialists in procurement of content, licencing and publishing to draw on from outside of Soutron.

We welcome engagements and challenges from all types and sizes of libraries, especially where there is a need for a tailored system or custom features that require assistance in design and development.

Graham Partridge is a CILIP Member.

CILIP - Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

Graham Beastall - Senior Consultant and Managing Director
Graham BeastallGraham is Soutron’s vision and strategy person. He is constantly examining the market, in touch with global trends and examining technologies across market sectors. He enjoys working with people to explore change and how to make things happen. His background is in Accountancy, Public Administration and Organisational Theory with a deep technical understanding of databases and web technologies. View articles by Graham Beastall
Graham Partridge - Client Services Director


Graham Partridge at SoutronGraham has worked in legal, academic, public and special libraries. His passion is to apply database technologies to make life easier for those working behind the scenes in libraries and serving users. He travels amongst clients extensively. He loves working on systems directly alongside librarians.

His extensive database knowledge and library process experience is most valuable when considering how best to improve back office processes and access to content as he has the ability to translate needs into technical system architectures that developers then create under his supervision.

Graham is also a member of CILIP.

CILIP - Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

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Set Your Knowledge Free Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

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