What Do You Want to Be Called Professionally?

Former Special Library Association (SLA) President Deb Hunt has an MLS but never introduces herself as a librarian because she gets stereotyped into the typical public librarian role when she does. She prefers to introduce herself as a Knowledge Strategist or Knowledge Curator because job titles do a lot to demonstrate the strategic value someone has to an employer. On the right is a slide from that webinar with suggested titles for librarians and archivsts in the corporate world.

Inspired by her webinar, we sat down to have conversations with long-term Soutron clients to get their perspectives and tips for success regarding Information Science careers in the special library, archive, knowledge, project management career tracks. Read up on their career experiences and thoughts below:


Information Professional Careers

In Deb Hunt’s webinar titled “Where the information Magic Happens – Hint it’s Outside Your Comfort zone”, she talks about going outside your comfort zone when it comes to career development, encouraging people in our industry to examine their roles and titles in order to make their titles future-ready.

That way, you can be seen as invaluable as old librarian roles and archivist stereotypes are shredded or abandoned. She also stressed the need to knuckle down and do the work required to earn increased respect and value. If you have a career story you would like to share, please contact our marketing department.

For more valuable career information, listen to our Vertical Files podcasts where we bring together expert voices to discuss knowledge and information management theories, practical applications, and insightful strategies.  

Flexible & Secure Software for Special Collections Management & Information Discovery

We understand that our clients place our solutions at the very heart of their organisation, and our goal is to provide a secure, cloud-based system that meets their needs.

We employ the very latest web-based technologies to securely make internal special collections, external materials, and archives accessible via any device. Soutron’s modern design and support for flexible, user-defined metadata structures provide a robust, innovative platform that our clients use to manage their information, ensuring their collections remain relevant and deliver value.


Soutron Global’s Past, Present & Future

Soutron has been the longest serving supplier of library and information management software in the UK market since 1989, with an expanding presence in North America, the European Union, and Asian markets. In 2022, with support from Bloom equity partners, a growth equity firm supplying capital and operational expertise, Soutron Global merged its US and UK operations to expand global operations.

The relationships we have formed with our global clients over the years has driven us forward and compels us to continually develop our information management system.

We welcome challenges from all types and sizes of organisations to supply a tailored business information management system. You will not be able to find a better approach to ensuring your satisfaction anywhere else, and we would like to see if we can exceed your expectations as well as we have done with your peers.

Next Steps

Important decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let us introduce you to our world class flexible Information Management System and its capabilities. We can offer:

Soutron Global Next Steps
Soutron Global Next Steps