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Soutron’s single system approach for information resource management is unique and without compromise.

Search and presentation of content to end users and researchers is greatly enhanced by having a single search interface. Our understanding and knowledge comes from working with some of the most demanding and creative people in archives and libraries.

Archivists and Library teams can share common resources and yet give users the choice of a single search portal for all materials or individual search archive and library portals, without constraint.

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Protect and Safeguard Your Library Archives

Unlock Your Full Collection Potential

With a Combined Library and Archive Resource

Your archive and library records reside in the very heart of your organisation. Our combined approach provides archive and library teams the workflows needed to work in harmony and providing a simple and easy to use resource for users to access. 

Whether you work for government, legal, medical, financial or another industry, Soutron’s combined archive and library management functionalities provides an information resource management system that ensures rock solid peace of mind that your company’s records and materials are safe, secure and easily accessible.

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Soutron is established as the leader in our field because we see our software as we see our clients: striving to be the best.

Increase Accessibility

Provide a centralized framework for the organization, storage, retrieval, and sharing of information.

Size Doesn't Matter

Small or big collections, local or global user base, physical or digital records, this system handles it all.

Branded Search Portal

Designed to help you to showcase your knowledge and information resources in the way that you want.

Search Engine Friendly

Integration with Google Search Console so collections can offer public access; or if you prefer, keep things private.

Service & Support

We can help with integration, training, branding, and customisation.

Information Governance

AACRII, RDA, ISAD(G), ISAAR, Dublin Core and more cataloguing standards supported in one application.Reference physical and digital assets, images and more. Support for these information management standards enables organizations to control access to information and to ensure that information is accurate, timely, and secure.

Data and Record Management

A hierarchical database design provides the flexibility to securely store everything in one place with relational attributes that allows for the cross referencing of material.

Metadata Management

Create any number of thesauri, each with a full complement of built in term relationships.
Share common entries between the archive and library teams.

Content Management

Create your own custom Enquiry, Records Deposit forms & provide for your end-users to submit their own materials.
Expand this with full review tools for material submissions.

Acquisitions & Serials

The perfect solution for libraries under pressure to do more with less.
Serials management, fund accounting and receipting of items (physical or electronic) into the Library.

Lending & Asset tracking

Easily track inventory assets such as laptops, notepads, monitors, toys, tools, furniture and other assets that are lended out.

Better Together

A Better Way to Manage All Collections

The library – control digital and physical books, papers and copies plus any other ephemera or materials.

The archive – manage collections with efficient workflows and hierarchical data structures.


Explore Custom Client Information Hubs

Our software customisable templates that are easy to learn how to customise and use, so everything you want and need is included in the database.


The Commonwealth Secretariat

“Integrating our library and the archives data into a single system without compromising the collection management functionality on either side was a priority.

“Finally we are able to present our entire holdings to researchers in one go. As existing customers it feels like we’ve had some rather bespoke attention for a very modest increase in our costs.”

Hilary McEwan, Archivist

Transform access to your library and archive collections

Combine and Modernise Your Library and Archive With Soutron

We want to prove the value we can bring to your organisation. Our testimonials are one way to demonstrate that value and build trust, but so are these reasons:

IT Safe and Secure

As a cloud-based solution, we manage your database safely & securely in the cloud, reducing the strain on your IT team.

Expand Access to All

Easily integrate Soutron with non-archive / library enterprise applications, providing a greater opportunity to serve teams across the whole organisation.

30+ Years Strong

Our expertise in information management and database web technology comes from over 30 years of working with all types of archives and  special collection library search portals.

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Soutron Global Next Steps