Our Solutions

How does a solution differ from a Product or Service? We include a description of solutions to introduce the idea that we are very aware that we should be addressing individual client needs. As much as our products are flexible and can be configured to meet specific needs, sometimes more has to be done to fulfil ambitions.

The vision for a solution usually starts in the sales process. It might be built on the basis of using one or more Soutron products plus integration with other systems either in house or from a third party. It may require the development of completely new functionality that has to be analysed, technically assessed, prototyped and eventually created as a function within an existing product or incorporated into a new product.

Examining a problem, discussing ideas, formulating “what ifs” and testing assumptions leads to innovation. A process of dialogue within the context of a business problem that will leads to cost savings, improved service levels, efficiency gains.

Everything is possible in software. It simply requires money, imagination and a ton of energy and creativity.

It’s what we’re here for and love doing.