Soutron Document Review Solution

Document Review Software

Soutron Document Review application is a cloud-based solution, designed to be a flexible and secure process for managing digital documents submitted for review and approval, while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of all document versions and comments.

• Collaborate to create research articles and publish findings faster
• Automate processes and make workflow faster
• Improve the speed of communication and document turnaround
• Harness expert knowledge
• Secure, cloud-based solution accessed via computer, tablet or mobile

Submit a document, image, drawing or video to users to review and approve.

Documents, Images, Drawings, Reports, Research Review Solution

Research is undertaken by corporate organisations, government bodies, professional institutes and learning organisations to find solutions to complex market and societal needs.


Document Collaboration

The review process requires collaboration, is time consuming and benefits from peer review, but is hindered by excessive emails, multiple users making changes to the same document separately, lack of cohesion, poor alerting, lack of expert availability, inability to easily delegate reviews, lack of transparency and inability to audit activity.


Meet Deadlines

Soutron Document Review helps your team keep track of documents to ensure deadlines are met using automated alerts. Emails are reduced to the minimum and document creation is simplified and made faster.


Monitor the Process

Save time when submitting articles for review or reviewing others’ content by having a simple tool to view and monitor status and actions. Changes made to a Document as it proceeds through the review process are clearly and easily assimilated, saving time at the end of the process in publishing findings.

Organisations carry out research, written up in documented form as articles, that are then offered for comment, peer review and approval for publishing. In so doing, knowledge is shared faster to improve access to research findings. Research teams can share ideas more easily in an efficient process that includes expert opinion and critical review of research.

Faster, Targeted Document Reviews

The time taken for a document to be ready for publication is reduced by adopting automated workflows for document review of articles and research submissions. Deadlines can be monitored, reviewing content is faster and easier and experts can be selected and alerted based on metadata describing document content.

Soutron Document Review is deployed as a secure, fully web-based solution in the Cloud together with Soutron’s powerful and flexible Search Portal technology. The application can be integrated seamlessly with Soutron’s Library and Archive Management application to provide a complete online publishing and archival solution.

Document Review for Research

Speed the process of creating Research documents in a simple easy to use way. Soutron Document Review allows reviewers to work on the same document in an efficient and controlled process and eliminates the most labour-intensive aspects associated with structured document reviews.

Document Review for Editorial

Assign a document, image, video or file for review to your peer group, set the workflow in Soutron and sit back while Soutron Document Review automates the process to the team. Logically passing it round each user, one at a time allowing them to add their own comments and edits before it is finally returned to you, the submitter for approval and publishing.

Document Review for Design

Passing a design or drawing between the team or senior managers for approval can now be automated and logged with extra efficiency, thanks to Soutron Document Review. Create user roles within the application and allow your design or drawing to be passed from user to user for comment or review, before being returned to you for final approval.

In all cases an audit trail is created to allow you to review the approval process at any time.

  • Increase productivity with reviewers working on the same document or image
  • Improve transparency when reviewers see all comments and changes
  • Removes bottlenecks with a complete record of all comments and changes
  • Review Documents, Drawings, Images, Video and more

“Our customers are sophisticated in their use and management of information and seek ever more streamlined processes to develop accurate and complete knowledge in a subject area. Now using our document review software solution for enterprise-wide research we can deliver the capability for a wider application, including regulatory submissions, technical documentation, tender bids and intelligence briefings. This new capability extends the influence and range of library managers to support their organisation with ever greater efficiencies in information management.”
– Graham Partridge, VP R&D Soutron Global



  • Create articles and submit for review within a knowledgebase
  • Create different types of templates for different types of content.
  • Attach documents of various file types (e.g. Videos, Excel, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) to content articles
  • Build metadata within an article record to support search
  • Provide workflow to support an approvals process for knowledge articles
  • Notify users when they are required to approve publication of a knowledge article
  • Classify articles using metadata to determine visibility in Search and to determine potential expert reviewers
  • Add metadata to an article record as needed
  • Make visible only to approved users
  • Create and maintain all draft documents during the course of review
  • Provide content managers a view of all drafts, rejected, approved, archived, published and unpublished articles
  • Allow updates and revisions to articles, maintaining version control, so historical versions of articles can be viewed and reinstated
  • Record date/time and who created or updated or commented on an article
  • Ability to publish an article into selected Portals, ensuring unpublished articles aren’t visible to users
  • Ability to group knowledge content articles by categories using taxonomies and thesauri
  • Ability to delete knowledge articles, but restricted to only those that have the necessary (configurable) permission
  • Alerts that deadlines are approaching
  • Includes a powerful search capability that allows search for content to display a list of recommended articles in order of relevance
  • Allows browse for content by user group, classification, type, etc.
  • Ability to export and import knowledge articles

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