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Over thirty years ago we set out to support librarians and information professionals who had need of our skills to help them transform library operations from card catalogues to networked systems.

We were one of the first to bring an integrated library system to market and the first to offer the CDROM containing the Library of Congress bibliographic data to the UK market.

We implemented our first PC network system in 1987 and delivered our first web database in 1996. The history we can recount puts the company in the position of knowing our roots and where our focus is and should be.

Knowing our past and seeing the changes we have helped hundreds of clients introduce gives us perspective and a grounding that few others in the market can claim. Having a history gives us a strength to look to the future with ever greater passion to serve.



1989 Graham Beastall founds Soutron Limited to support  Sydney MicroLibrary systems in the UK
1991 Soutron is approached by Inmagic, Inc. and is appointed Authorised Inmagic Partner
1992 100th Soutron Library System solution installed
1994 Soutron named Inmagic’s Number One Reseller Worldwide
1994 Soutron agrees to sell SydneyPLUS in the UK on behalf of International Library Systems
1995 First installation of Web Publishing technology at Health Education Board Scotland
1997 C2 introduced by Soutron as first Windows NT Library application
1998 Soutron moves to Charlotte House, purpose built 8,000 square foot premises
1999 Soutron creates 2020 Library Management software for smaller organisations
2002 We celebrate 35% year on year growth
2004 Soutron awarded Microsoft Certified Gold Partner status
2007 Graham Partridge joins Soutron Limited from Allen & Overy as R & D Director
2007 Soutron commits to develop a new fully web based Library Management System
2007 Soutron Library Management System launched to serve multi-national organisations
2008 EUROCONTROL becomes the first corporate client to order Soutron
2008 HM Revenue & Customs and National Blood Service are first government clients to order Soutron
2012 Soutron announces opening of USA reseller Soutron Global in Carlsbad, California, USA
2014 Soutron add new solutions, ILL/CLIO and Total Resource Information Management (TRIM)
2015 Soutron add new solutions, Soutron Archive & Soutron Knowledge Core
2018 Soutron adds completely new & re-engineered Acquisitions & Serials module
2019 Soutron celebrates 30th Anniversary
2021 New Partner for the Benelux region of Europe joins the Soutron Family, HuXam.
2021 Soutron adds new on page PDF reader and advanced Facet Search features
2022 Soutron and Soutron Global merge to expand global operations – more…

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives