Soutron Makes NHS Health Information More Accessible

Soutron NHS Healthcare Knowledge SolutionsInnovation and technology developments at Soutron are targeted directly at the needs of information professionals and their end users within health, government and non-profit organisations.

Soutron creates custom solutions to provide simple and easy access to all of your content using Cloud-based services.

Soutron solutions comprise a number of functional modules. Each module can be used independently, as a fully integrated system, or integrated with third party systems and infrastructure.

At Soutron’s core is a very flexible database – an essential component of any Digital Knowledge Store. It is not restricted to bibliographic data. It integrates easily with other systems via Web Services and APIs to provide easy data exchange.   NHS Healthcare Solutions


The relational database design makes it easy to configure to meet data management needs for evidence based research, clinical guidance, skills and expertise to support a Knowledge Sharing culture.

Comprehensive library workflow modules are fully integrated into the Soutron core database. Additional data sources can be added at any time and be included in an enterprise search facility.

Soutron provides the backbone for an integrated coherent information strategy for both single and multi-site libraries. Our services combine consultancy and technology, library science and metadata skills to customise solutions to each client’s particular needs.

Digital Content

The expansion of digital content requires new processes to streamline access and distribution either with or without DRM Security. SoutronSDS Secure Document Software is purpose built to handle digital content and integrates with other Soutron modules.

SoutronSDS can be a standalone platform or integrates with a third party system and offers freedom to acquire digital content from any provider as well as being able to publish and distribute internally generated content.

Document Request Service & Inter Library Loans

Significant efficiencies in Document Delivery and Document Request services can be made using Soutron’s ILL & Document Request modules. Integrated with British Library and any other external supply service in real time, it saves time and improves control over costs and service levels.

Soutron’s in depth understanding of health libraries and their needs make the transition between Search and Request seamless for the end user.

Soutron Inter Library Loans Software (Clio)

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust“We have expanded the use of the Soutron Library Management System. We now store staff evidence reviews and distribution of NICE guidelines. This is really allowing us to get even more value from a fully supported, single LMS.” Read the full Case Study

Andrew Cheney

Evidence Services Lead , Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust