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The Soutron Logo

Please find the following available, simply click the image you require and then right click to ‘save as’, to save to your computer locally. Images are strictly for use by authorised individuals and companies and should not be resized, amended or edited in any way.


The following 3 images are for online use only and are low resolution. All are shown as full size, please click on the desired image to view.

Soutron Logo Square on Blue Soutron Logo 250 Square Social Badge Soutron Logo Website Small

The high resolution images below are for physical print and are shown as thumbnails, please click the desired image to view full size.
Soutron Logo Hi Resolution No Background RGB PNG Soutron Logo Hi Resolution CMYK JPG Soutron Logo Hi Resolution Soutron Logo Hi Resolution





Please Note: The first logo has white text without a background and so cannot be seen unless selected. The lighter blue logo is show as so, due to CMYK conversion.

Please note that ONLY the following logos may be used by authorised Soutron Business Partners. Use of our standard logo is not permitted. Please see our partner pages for further information.

Soutron Authorised Business Partners should use these logos in all cases.

Website / Online Partner Logo

Soutron Partner Logo (Low Resolution)

The low resolution thumbnail above is for internet / online use only, please click the image to view full size.

Print / High Resolution Partner Logo

Soutron Partner Logo (High Resolution)

The high resolution thumbnail above is for physical print use, please click the image to view full size.

Company Colours

Please find our company colours and matching colour codes below:


HEX = #115dac

RGB = 17.93.172

CMYK = c86 m50 y2 k0

Pantone = 2945 C


HEX = #6A2145

RGB = 105.32.69

CMYK = c47.31 m94.03 y47.09 k36.81

Pantone = 229 C

Dark Grey

HEX = #3E3E3E

RGB = 62.62.62

CMYK = c0 m0 y0 k76

Pantone = Black 7 C


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Set Your Knowledge Free
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Set Your Knowledge Free
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