Library & Archive Solutions for the Engineering sector

Engineering firms may choose to employ Soutron to manage valuable company information for several reasons:

  • Efficient organization of knowledge resources, both physical and digital assets.
  • Enhanced Research and classification capabilities
  • Allow for data-driven decision making
  • Knowledge capture, sharing and enhanced collaboration
  • Training and onboarding
  • Subscription management
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Integrations and workflow efficiency
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Regulatory compliance and information governance
  • Flexibility to meet global and local needs
  • Scalability

Soutron enables engineering firms to streamline data management and innovation within the organization. Thanks to the flexibility built into the core of Soutron, allowing engineers, researchers and analysts to find, locate and view assets stored within the catalogue, fast.

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From A to Z and In-between

Scale Your Archive and Library

Whether you oversee a small or global team of engineers, Soutron is simple for everyone to use, allows room for growth, and can be accessed securely from any device at any time.



Soutron is established as the leader in our field because we see our software as we see our clients: striving to be the best.

No Hidden Costs

With Soutron you pay a single annual fee that includes all software maintenance, support and hosting services.

Continual Development

Your needs will change so our team is constantly adding new features and functionalities.

Everything in One Place

Soutron includes Cataloguing, Circulation, Authority Control/Thesaurus, Acquisitions, Serials and much more in one system.

Flexibility & Functionality

Gives you control over how you organize your library system and provides rapid access to your special collection materials.

Security & Accessibility

Set security access permissions to restrict access or demand acknowledgement of copyright.


Screen Shots

You can get some measure of the different approaches taken when deploying our technology by viewing some of our great client portals below.

Our software’s customizable templates are easy to learn how to use, making it straightforward for you to showcase your organizations special collection materials.

Ready to Improve Access to Information?

Modernise Your Information Center With Soutron

We want to prove the value we can bring to your organisation. Our testimonials are one way to demonstrate that value and build trust, but so are these reasons:

Easy for IT

As a cloud-based solution, we manage your database safely & securely in the cloud, reducing the strain on your IT team.

Go Beyond...

Easily integrate Soutron with your enterprise applications, providing a greater opportunity to serve teams across the whole organisation.

30+ Years

Our expertise in information management comes from over 30 years of working with all types of organisations and collections.

Next Steps

Important decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let us introduce you to our world class flexible Archive & Library Management System and its capabilities. We can offer:

Soutron Global Next Steps
Soutron Global Next Steps