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Your special collection is irreplaceable. You want to organise your records your own way. Soutron has built the solution you need.

Whatever your unique way is to organise your records, Soutron will let you do it. Whether you need one central collection or multiples nested within an overall collection, our Archive Management System handles it.

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Secure Organisational History

Your archive records are an important part of your company’s history. You should have absolute certainty their value and importance is recognised by the solution provider of your archive software.

Whether you work for government, legal, health, financial or another industry, Soutron’s Archive Management System provides rock solid peace of mind that your company’s records are safe, secure and easily accessible.

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Soutron is established as the leader in our field because we see our software as we see our clients: striving to be the best.

Increase Accessibility

Modern, effective search and discovery portal improves the overall experience for users.

Size Doesn't Matter

Small or big collections, local or global user base, physical or digital records, this system handles it all.

Branded Search Portal

Soutron’s online archival Portal technology is designed to help you to showcase your work in the way that you want.

Search Engine Friendly

Integrate with Google Search Console so collections can offer public access; or if you prefer, keep things private.

Service & Support

We can help with integration, training, branding, and customisation.

Showcase Your Archive Collection

By taking advantage of our pre-built search portal templates designed for library portals, information centres and knowledge centres, you can quickly start providing fast, secure access to internal and external materials on any device due to Soutron’s responsive design.

Soutron Archive supports single or multiple locations, with customised information centre portals, seamlessly integrated with SharePoint and Microsoft Active DirectorySoutron tasks and workflows appeal to many because of the simplified operations and associated cost savings and efficiencies that can be achieved. 

Cataloguing & Item Management

Not every archive is the same. You might have just a single Collection and location or multiple Collections and locations. Soutron’s online archival Portal technology is designed to help you to highlight your work in the way that you want to without restrictions. The organization and presentation of your archive collection, including references to physical materials alongside digital items, is up to you, and can be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint intranet portals. Template-driven Soutron simplifies the data capture for books, images, photographs, physical documents, audio-visual recordings, alongside digital materials, complete with full-text indexing. If you want to use ISAD(g) standards to catalogue content or follow your own methodology, Soutron Archive is ideally suited to your needs. 

Hierarchical Structures

Inherent database design flexibility securely stores everything in one place with relational attributes that allows for the cross referencing of material. You can define relationships between records and have as many fonds, series and sub-series, file, and items levels as you wish so that your Collection is presented in the best way possible. Copyright and control over who can see and download materials are also flexibly applied so you can protect your valuable collection materials and yet make it available to your user community. 

Metadata Governance Made Easy

Robust thesaurus authority control provides for the creation of any number of thesauri, each with a full complement of built in metadata relationships, featuring fast capture of metadata / EXIF data from images, external sources, scanned files, electronic documents. API support enables sharing of metadata with other systems, ensuring metadata governance across systems. Support for Descriptive Dates, such as 19th Century, is also supported to help your users find relevant content. 

Audio Visual Online Archives

Easily create online audio video archive for your hosted YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud content to highlight corporate videos, podcasts, and more. Easily create digital media archives for human resources, marketing, and other departments to display those materials.  

Core Functionality

Daily Tasks Made More Enjoyable

Curation made easy.


Screen Shots

You can get some measure of the different approaches taken when deploying our technology by viewing some of our great client portals below.

Our software’s customisable templates are easy to learn how to use, making it straightforward for you to showcase your organisations special collection materials.


The Egypt Exploration Society

The Egypt Exploration Society said that “One of the best decisions we made @TheEES to integrate our library and archive collections into one catalogue.

“We’ve been working with Soutron for a couple of years now and it’s resulted in a fab new resource for Egyptology!”

Dr Carl Graves, Director

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Easy for IT

As a cloud-based solution, we manage your database safely & securely in the cloud, reducing the strain on your IT team.

Go Beyond the Archive

Easily integrate Soutron with non-archive enterprise applications, providing a greater opportunity to serve teams across the whole organisation.

30+ Years

Our expertise in information management and database web technology comes from over 30 years of working with all types of corporate search portals.

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Soutron Global Next Steps