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Information Management:
Soutron Information Management Fact Sheet – (PDF)
Soutron Informatie Management Fact Sheet (NL Version) – (PDF)

Library Management:
Soutron Library Management System LMS Fact sheet – (US Letter PDF)
Soutron Library Management System LMS Fact sheet – (A4 PDF)


Soutron Archive Fact sheet – (PDF)

Archive for Audio Video:
Soutron Digital Media Archive Fact sheet
– (PDF)

Combined Library & Archive:
Soutron Combined Library and Archive CLA Fact sheet – (PDF)

Discovery Solution:
Soutron Discovery Solution FactSheet – (US Letter PDF)
Soutron Discovery Solution FactSheet – (A4 PDF)

Inter Library Loans:
Soutron Inter Library Loans CLIO Fact sheet
– (PDF)


Soutron making Health Information more accessible – (PDF)

Legal Library:
Legal Library Management Solution Overview – (PDF)

Collections Management Solution – (PDF)

Knowledge Management:
Soutron Knowledge Core Fact sheet – (PDF)



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