Soutron Information Management System

Soutron is a scalable, cloud-based Information Management System for special library collections and online archives, providing for the creation of information center portals and knowledge centers, with workflows that simplifies internal content operations. Easily customizable, Soutron scales to provide a single repository for the management and discovery of core organizational information and knowledge assets securely in the cloud.

Soutron empowers organizations to capture, tag, access and manage organizational content and knowledge assets. Save staff time and increases access to know-how from any internet connected device including mobile phones and tablets.

Information Management Software Cloud Based and Mobile Ready

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    Easy to search and access information

    • Move to Soutron for your new Library Management SolutionAccess records in the catalog via web pages such as SharePoint or your Web Site
    • Authenticate users via your Membership System, Active Directory of SAML, or SSO
    • Load PDFs and documents from internal file systems to support corporate information access
    • Receive documents, reports and inquiries from users thanks to our End User Submission tool
    • Process Document Reviews, all fully audited and via an automated process

    Soutron makes it possible for your Information Management System to be fully integrated with internal systems and part of a corporate content operations and information governance strategy.


    Move to Soutron for your new Information Management Solution

    Soutron for your Library Management System

    • Built on over 30+ years of information management expertise
    • Out of the box, easy to customize, flexible to adapt to future needs
    • Continuously developed, fully managed and supported
    • Driven by our passion to provide the best Information Management System


    Simple yet Fully Customisable Information Management System

    Easy library menu admin with Soutron LMS

    Customisable drag n drop menu in Admin
    (Click to view larger image)

    Soutron’s Information Management software is simple to learn and use, with fast navigation and intuitive forms.

    Every system we provide can be customised to meet the specific needs of your department and users. The best way to understand the difference Soutron could make to your organisation is to book a personal demonstration with one of our expert consultants.

    You will find we have a keen eye for detail, ideas to advance thinking, and will provide an honest assessment of the benefits waiting for you by making a change to Soutron Information Management Systems.

    Don’t take our word for it

    Our clients are at the heart of everything that we do and the feedback they provide helps drives our roadmap for the future.

    Oxford University Press use Soutron Library Management Software

    The communications we receive and the support from the help desk is simply outstanding.

    We chose Soutron because they were the only supplier, who bid for our business that were genuinely willing to help develop an LMS solution that was really tailored to our specific needs

    Compared to other LMS suppliers Soutron provided the perfect solution for a corporate library.

    Read the full Case Study

    Andrea Cable

    Library and Bookshop Manager, Oxford University Press

    Chartered Insurance Institute use Soutron Library Management System

    “We really wanted a fully supported system, with a friendly user interface. It was at this point we found Soutron LMS”

    Read the full Case Study





    Hannah Nilsumran

    Knowledge Services Team Leader, The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

    The Commonwealth Secretariat use Soutron Library Management System

    Our staff are constantly on the go delivering programmes in various Commonwealth countries, a web based system really supports accessibility from whichever country they find themselves in. Ease of use and intuitiveness are big drivers; the system has to be straightforward because users want simple interfaces with simple search boxes that do a lot behind the scenes.

    Soutron continues to help us deliver our vision.

    Read the full Case Study

    Nsekanji Pelekamoyo

    Head of Library & Knowledge Services, The Commonwealth Secretariat

    Soutron – a partner to bring innovations to Information Centers

    Soutron is continually striving to bring innovation to information desks and resource centers, improving the end user experience such that they find exactly the information they need when they need it, and to help extend the capability of the department to introduce new information management services throughout the organization.

    An Information Management System that Scales to Your Needs

    Within Soutron Information Management System, there can be any number of fields, record templates and content categories. Office documents and PDFs can be attached to records with appropriate metadata and indexing is immediate. Fields can be added as required and templates created for all types of content using menu driven functions.

    This means your admin staff can control their own applications and provide rapid access to content on behalf of others, setting security access permissions to restrict access or demand acknowledgement of copyright.


    Sample of screen shots

    Full Menu Control of the Library Management Software

    Full Menu Control
    (Click to view larger image)

    Global Edit Copy in the LMS

    Global Edit Copy
    (Click to view larger image)

    Reservations with the Library Management Software

    (Click to view larger image)

    This flexibility extends further. Relationships between data elements can be easily established to make the management and presentation of data more meaningful. This is particularly helpful in some applications where there is a hierarchy to the record structure as well as to terms within a subject index.

    This flexibility makes Soutron stand out from other systems.

    What our clients say

    Dawn Southgate, Head of Knowledge at The Chartered Institute of Marketing explains how they use the Soutron solution within their organization and what it means to them.

    View further client testimonials.

    Next Steps

    We trust the above information has provided an insight into what is possible with Soutron solutions. Next steps

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    • Request a demonstration to see in action and better understand the Soutron Information Management System
    • We can even take a look at any sample data you provide
    • Request a quotation for a solution customized to your exact needs.

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