Why Should Businesses Leverage Global Search Capabilities?

There are a variety of businesses that benefit from global search capabilities. The most obvious examples are multi-national corporations with employees across the globe, but even local businesses or organizations might be able to use global search if they have customers or users in other countries.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Integrated Library Systems and Archives

  • You don’t need to worry about local disruptions like power outages or equipment failure
  • Businesses and organizations don’t require internal IT teams to manage or upgrade equipment
  • Soutron handles things like updates and maintenance, saving your organization time and money
  • Your data can be accessed anywhere in the world
  • Customizable access controls ensure only employees or approved users can access records
  • Various levels of access can be granted on a granular level within an organization
  • Soutron’s unlimited multilingual thesauri (controlled vocabularies) can ensure patrons who might search differently can find what they’re seeking
  • Multilingual language Unicode character support built into Soutron’s integrated library systems and archive databases allow people who search in different languages to view menus they can understand
  • Users anywhere in the world can access online remote training and help desk tools
  • Soutron allows administrators to track who accessed what and when, ensuring optimal accountability and transparency for organizations

What Makes Soutron’s Search Portal So Effective?

  • The search portal can be used to manage PDFs, documents and digital content as well as physical items
  • Businesses and organizations can customize their search portal to streamline workflows
  • The search portal is the ideal way to access video, audio and image catalogs as well as ePub and other file formats
  • Users can manually capture and process data with equipment like scanners
  • The search portal is responsive, meaning it looks and functions great on desktops and mobile devices
  • Single sign-on / SAML, AD and ADFS support makes using the search portal convenient and secure for users
  • Administrators can implement full audit trail reporting
  • Patrons can submit loan or renewal requests through the search portal

Access Anywhere Is More Important Than Ever

The global economy has undergone organic changes driven by advancing technology and a forced evolution spurred on by the global pandemic. When COVID-19 was raging, nearly every business or organization that could adapt to remote work did so. Many of those businesses either never went back to in-person work or have since adopted a hybrid approach where some employees are working remotely at least part of the time.

Using database and library software that can be accessed anywhere without sacrificing security is vital for organizations that employ remote workers.

Workers Anywhere Can Submit Reports, Documents and Other Library Entries

The ability for employees to submit entries quickly from anywhere, including workers in the field, is a useful feature for many organizations.

A business that performs surveys can enable front-line workers to submit findings immediately from anywhere in the world. Claims adjusters for an insurance company can submit photos or reports immediately when investigating a claim.

There is a nearly limitless number of scenarios in which the ability for employees or contributors to submit entries from any place could prove invaluable. Soutron’s integrated library and archive software’s straightforward entry submission process is intuitive and easy for employees to learn.

Plus, the ability to customize metadata on new submissions can facilitate core business processes like lead curation or client onboarding.

Every business and organization is different, and these functionalities can be leveraged in a variety of ways to meet unique and specific needs.

Learn More About Soutron’s Global Search Functionality

If your organization needs a feature-rich database solution with customizable search functionality, Soutron can help. All our products, from our integrated library system to our archive management software, is built on our proprietary knowledge core. This technology makes it easy for employees or members of global businesses or organizations to instantly collaborate and get things done.

You can learn more about our solutions by requesting a demo.