What Are the Features of an Integrated Library System?

Web-based integrated library systems provide the ideal self-service database solution for businesses and organizations that seek to maximize collaboration while maintaining informational security and access controls.

Modern integrated library systems also boast intuitive search portals that make it easy for searchers to quickly find the information they require.

Although the core function of a database is fairly straightforward, the features and capabilities of a cutting-edge solution like Soutron’s integrated library system set it apart from antiquated legacy database solutions.

Cataloguing and Hierarchical Relationships

From the end-users perspective the biggest quality-of-life improvements are likely found in search functionalities. However, the secret sauce that makes Soutron search so effective and useful can be found in metadata and entry relationship building.

Being able to group entries by a variety of fields and data points adds significant value to many organizations that utilize integrated library systems. Authors, dates, specific keywords, subject matter and publisher are all potential relationships that may link seemingly unrelated entries.

All types of searchers find value in relational linking.

  • A researcher may search for journal articles about a topic published in a specific year
  • A lawyer may need to look up precedents related to historical interpretations of a particular statute
  • A marketer may need to find past ad copy for a particular campaign their sales team wants to revive

There are all kinds of scenarios where relational linking can enhance the speed, efficiency and relevance of database inquiries.

Since catalogue entry data fields are fully customizable, Soutron can sculpt the fields in your integrated library system to enhance its usefulness and relevance for your business or institution.

Search Portals

While the most important aspect of a search portal is its capabilities, functionality isn’t the only factor to consider. Aesthetics matters to users and organizations, especially if your integrated library system is public facing. Soutron’s search portals are fully mobile responsive and can be branded with your company or organization’s logo, colors and style.

Soutron has been developing integrated library solutions for decades. During this time, we’ve had many clients ask for a variety of unique modifications and features. Each iteration further enhances the platform, improving performance for all users.

For example, some organizations need unique search portals for different physical locations. Multi-office library portals can be customized to meet the specific needs of unique searchers using the same central database.

Soutron has incorporated secure single sign-on with SAML, AD and ADFS support to maximize user convenience without compromising safety. The search portal can also be seamlessly integrated into websites to promote and simplify the end-user experience.

Users also appreciate things like custom pages and menus, RSS feed displays, saved searches and the ability to self-manage many of these enhanced features.

Audio-Visual Functionality

The ability of Soutron’s integrated library system to catalogue and display all types of physical and digital assets is an invaluable resource for many organizations. This includes images, audio files and video files of all types.

As most organizations know, data hosting is not free. Although Soutron can host large media files, many of our users appreciate the ability to host their videos or audio files on free or low-cost alternatives like Vimeo, SoundCloud or YouTube. They can still catalogue these files within their Soutron integrated library system database.

Audio-visual entries can be tagged and categorized with the same rich metadata as other types of documents catalogued in a Soutron database. This allows for the same hierarchical relationship building as is possible with more traditional print and text-based materials.

Examples of Soutron Integrated Library System Features at Work

Perhaps the most common misconception about archive management software and integrated library systems is that they’re only for libraries or institutes that maintain traditional archives. Soutron has helped develop integrated library systems for all types of organizations, including many businesses.

An integrated library system can help legal practices, healthcare networks, pharmaceutical businesses, fashion designers, retailers or any other organization that needs a clean, secure and convenient way to store records and make them accessible for database users.

You can learn more about Soutron’s integrated library systems and how we can customize one to meet your organizational needs by scheduling a demo.

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