Latest Software Update – Soutron Version 4.1.8

NEW Soutron 4.1.8 Update!

We are pleased to announce the latest software update to Soutron is now available, version 4.1.8.

This update includes many enhancements and new features as well as security updates and general improvements. Details can be found below.

The new capabilities are the result of using agile development and working closely with, and listening to, clients’ needs. Our goal continues to provide a world class combined library, archive, knowledge, and information management solution.

Introducing the latest updates and features

Support for WCAG 2.1

Introducing support for WCAG 2.1. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (known as WCAG) are an internationally recognized set of recommendations for improving web accessibility.

Important for all, but especially those with public facing Search Portals.


Session Timeout WarningSoutron Session Timeout Warning

To help you with the daily use of Soutron you will now be prompted to ‘remain logged in’ if your session time limit is about to expire.





Duplicate Thesaurus AlertSoutron Duplicate Warning

Soutron’s new Thesaurus module now provides a warning if a user creates a duplicate thesaurus term.





Search Portal Facet Search Update

Content & locations facets can now be sorted in alphabetical order while searching within the Search Portal.


Other updates include:

  • Awaiting payment table searching has been improved by enabling search suggestions.
  • Direct line summary view for record hierarchy in portal
  • Ability to add prefix/suffix via global edit to text fields
  • General security improvements
  • Upgraded .Net core to latest LTS version
  • Updated exiftool.exe to latest version for extracting metadata from multimedia files

These are just a few of the highlights of 4.1.8. An extensive list of further updates and enhancements including fixes and improvements can be viewed in the Release Notes.

Please note

We will not update any instance of Soutron without your permission.
Please visit our support site where you can request an upgrade to take place at a time convenient to you.

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