Soutron Discovery

Soutron Discovery platform enables you to unlock the value within each and every one of your information resources through powerful, all- in-one, global search capabilities.

With a simple to use interface, easy online access and a single log-in, your users can effortlessly search for information from multiple sources at the same time.

Benefit from an unparalleled ability to extract value & relevance from numerous content sources and enhance your user’s discovery experience.


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    Soutron Discovery Screenshot

    Soutron Discovery Search Interface

    Incorporate RSS feeds into your Soutron Discovery search page to enhance your users’ Discovery experience.



    With intuitive on-demand searching, your users will be able to comb every collection available to them from a one-stop-search box.

    Enhance your Discovery experience with:

    Easy online access to all of your information resources with a single log-in.

    An unlimited number of digital resources and content collections – both local and online.

    No limitations to the number, type or location of your resources

    Users can work freely with access to a full range of content and resource types:

    • Scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, library archives, articles, videos, images, blogs, websites
    • Premium resources from online publishers and content aggregators
    • Open access scholarly and education resources
    • Digital education content in any form
    • Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems Search engines, repositories and native databases

    Ability to filter and tailor your search results

    Stress-free navigation and an easy to use interface


    Soutron Discovery Search Results


    Soutron Discovery combines the powerful ability to deliver up-to-date results from multiple sources. Your collection will always remain current and relevant to your users.

    Discovery utilizes:

    The powerful capability to deliver current research and content in one single place.

    Search technology with built-in, automatic updates providing up-to-date dynamic discovery tools.


    Support for Widely Used Software

    To ensure that your users Discovery experience remains effortless, users will find that they can save their search findings in multiple formats and export to a number of common different program.

    Discovery Users are be able to:

    Save Records to Disk as: HTML, Text, RAW, XML, Atom, RIS, EndNote, PDF Place Orders

    Export to RefWorks, delicious, QuickBib, Dropbox, Mendeley, EndNote


    Discovery Protocols Supported

    With advanced connection technologies, the Soutron Discovery platform supports a wide range of protocols. A few of protocols supported are:

    • HTTP/XML
    • JSON
    • RSS 1.0, 2.0
    • SIP2
    • Z39.50
    • And many more

    Note. These protocols are specific to our Soutron Discovery solution and may vary to those in our core applications.



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