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Auditing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Usage in Legal Organisations

As artificial intelligence continues to reshape industries, it is imperative for organisations to scrutinize their AI usage...
Top 8 Archiving Tips for Librarians
So you find yourself in the inevitable position of either starting, maintaining or updating your archive or collection. By no means a small task, but one that you have to complete all the same. So where do you begin? What do you need to consider and remember when working with the archive?
Top 10 LMS Security Issues
Library Management Systems need to be secure, but just how secure? Do you realise the complexities of security involved or have to be thought through? We have compiled this list, though not exhaustive, we feel that these security issues and points do need to be considered in most cases.
Library Management Systems History
The Library Management System has not changed much in 20 years. The format and the approach other than being web based, is fundamentally the same. There are too many suppliers, many will be bought up as we have seen the past few years and only a few will remain. Others will grow into something more knowledge focused and less back office process driven.
Top 5 Technologies for Librarians
The library used to include a Systems Librarian, someone whose role was to ensure that the library was well provisioned by technology and that the systems used by the library were up to muster. I recall one law library was so ahead of the game, that the IT department would come to the library to look for new ideas! The Systems Librarian post is still
Soutron Training Services
For many clients a package database application is the ideal solution, incorporating a set of fields and templates to reflect what are commonly accepted types of information. A prime example is that of bibliographic data (an organised collection of references to published reports, articles, books or similar). There may be a need for some
CILIP Conference 2015
An unmissable date in the contemporary Library and Information professional’s calendar, the CILIP Conference 2015 is set to be the biggest and most inspiring conference to date, addressing Four key trends for CILIP 2015 which will play a key role in shaping our future information ecosystem