Webinar with Deb Hunt on Change… It Doesn’t Just Happen

Latest Webinar: Deb Hunt, Change... It Doesn't Just Happen

We are pleased to announce an exclusive Soutron Global webinar with special guest, Deb Hunt MLS ECMp, Principal of Information Edge and past president of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), a global association of 3,500 information professionals.

In the following pre-recorded webinar titled “Change… It Doesn’t Just Happen”, Deb talks about;

• How to embrace change within an organisation
• The reasons and considerations for change
• How to kickstart change and the ‘comfort zone’
• Plus, where the magic happens!

The webinar also includes a summary TedTalk by Jason Clarke on change.

Watch the Webinar

We hope you enjoy the presentation and please feel free to reach out to us and connect with us on our social channels. We value your feedback and welcome any questions you may have.

About Deb Hunt

Deb has over 25 years of professional experience in providing customised client solutions in document, digital asset and knowledge management and library automation. Her passion is to focus on the needs of clients, help others excel and improve access to strategic knowledge.

Deb is a respected leader in the information industry and is active in local, regional and international professional organisations. She is a Past President of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), a global association of 3,500 information professionals. She currently is the President of the Knowledge Management Community of SLA and has served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP).

Learn more about Deb:


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