Matching Resources and Skills Solution

The greatest asset available to a business is people. Matching people resources with tasks and projects is a key organisational function. When a government or business environment needs to match resources with research, or projects with people or tenders to past projects, the matching process needs careful database modelling for it to achieve its goals. Matching is an important decision making tool that requires transparency to helping to develop products, service markets and create new ideas.

These are the ideas behind why we have created a new tool and application. It is founded on the Soutron Knowledge Core – “the most important thing” our database. An application for matching skills and expertise however needs added capabilities to structure data, search and present it. These are now incorporated into the database and complemented with flexible forms design so that end users can quickly and easily work with data.

This type of application can helping to transform the organisation’s view of human capital. It can improve team building, enhance the performance of project teams and release value that may not be normally perceived to exist. If you wish to explore these ideas and work with our consultants on a particular project we would like to hear from you.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about creating a Skills Register for your organisation.