Knowledge Services Webinar with Guy St Clair

Knowledge Services Webinar with Guy St. Clair December 2016

On behalf of Soutron Global, we are pleased to announce an exclusive webinar with special guest, Guy St. Clair, whose latest book, Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organisation, has just been published.

The webinar was on December 7th 2016 and you can now watch the recording below:



In this 25-minute conversation, Guy and Tony will talk about:

1. Knowledge services – what is it? What makes knowledge services the best solution for managing organisational knowledge?

2. Why knowledge services and not knowledge management (KM)?

3. Can you use knowledge services with all knowledge work (including archives, library services or any other research or knowledge-sharing activity in the organisation)?

4. Who are the main characters? Who are the real winners in the knowledge services story?

Guy St. ClairGuy a long time Soutron Global affiliate talks with Soutron Global’s Tony Saadat about knowledge services and how these services can provide a practical framework for knowledge sharing for any environment.

Guy St. Clair is President and Consulting Specialist for Knowledge Services at SMR International in New York, NY.
Tony Saadat is President and CEO of Soutron Global.

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