How to get the most out of our RSS Feeds

The Soutron RSS Feed ServiceRSS feeds – A great and convenient approach to letting the news come to you. We have various feeds available and would like to explain the types we have and the best approach that may suit you or your RSS reader. We have several categories and topics of interest at Soutron that make it even easier for you to receive the information that is relevant to you. These are as follows:

The following links are for those who prefer to receive updates via our ‘raw’ RSS feeds:

RSS Feed for the Soutron Blog Soutron Blog

RSS Feed for Soutron Product News Soutron News

RSS Feed for Soutron Events Soutron Events

RSS Feed for Industry News Industry News

Full RSS Feed for Soutron Full Soutron RSS Feed

These are the raw RSS feeds you can use in most RSS readers and you can even use these in say Outlook*, so you can stay in touch with all the latest updates from us here at Soutron.


We have even incorporated our feeds into Feedburner, powered by Google. This may be easier for some to use and you can find the Soutron Full Feedburner Feed here:

Full RSS Feed for Soutron Full Soutron Feedburner Feed

All articles are published to the usual social networks, so you can always just follow us via Twitter & Facebook.

We hope you find this information useful and welcome any questions or feedback, by contacting us here.



* Find out how to receive RSS feeds in Outlook