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Soutron’s Collections Management Software is just part of our information management solution that harnesses the power of relational database technology and builds into it specialised workflows for Libraries, Archives, Museums and Knowledge Centres.

Museums have particular needs, focused on the management of artefacts and knowledge, bibliographic data and taxonomies.

Soutron’s database is structured to allow different types of records to be created using templates that are specific to the type of materials to be managed. Records can be classified into Categories of your choosing and a single search can be to a specific record type or any category or categories selected.

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Soutron’s Collections Management Software can be specifically customised to meet the needs of Museums. Specific services and functions might include:

Mobile Responsive Collections Management SoftwareSearch Portals: one or more that are customised to particular audiences and may focus on particular types of content e.g. Archives such as a Collection specific to an individual or family; Fashion and Culture might have a particular focus and need a separate Search Portal that limits results to this topic.

Each Search Portal can be customised using HTML5 and is mobile responsive.

Any language set can be used to store data, search and present menus and search portals

All searches executed are recorded in an audit trail for management to examine and from which policy changes can be made, new materials might be introduced or withdrawn and usage determined accurately.


Request to view feature

Request items from a collection to view!Items within your collection can be requested via the Search Portal, so that the user may either have the item delivered or collected from the Museum. For items that are purely for reference only and may be stored off-site there is a Request to View function for booking a time and date to visit the Museum establishment where it has been made ready.

Recording of Loans can also incorporate the Event or Project that the item was made available to. This provides a tracking facility that makes audit and reporting of statistics easier.

Where an artefact is to be accessioned and recorded, there can be many parts to the record, each part representing a particular aspect of the artefact within the management software.

Related Records

Soutron Collections Detailed Record ViewSoutron’s Collections Management Software has this capability built into the record structure so that a master record can have any number of parts. This means that when a record is viewed, its related parts are also displayed, the part record can inherit values automatically from the master record but they can be separately managed as records in their own right.

The same database can be used to store information relating to partners, contact details, funding initiatives etc. It is not limited to Museum Assets.

Where the organisation produces literature such as pamphlets and notices, these can be made accessible for external bodies to request bulk delivery of the same, to support the promotion of an event or exhibition.


Where there is a need for the Web Master to directly control metadata, this is available using Soutron RESTful XML API which provides direct programmable access.


What our clients say

National Sporting Library & MuseumThe National Sporting Library & Museum selected Soutron for its database needs primarily because of the flexibility in its feature set. We are looking forward to working with Soutron as we unify our Library data and our Museum data, providing our audience with the ability to research sporting authors and sporting art in one place.

John P. Connolly

National Sporting Library & Museum, Middleburg, VA, North America

The Foundling Museum

We chose this software because of its flexibility, which allows us to customise all our databases!



Katharine Hogg

Librarian, The Foundling Museum, London

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