Soutron Bibliography Meta Enrichment (bME)

Soutron Bibliography Meta Enrichment (bME) Service

A new facility available to Soutron clients is the ability to enrich bibliographic data dynamically to improve the level of information available to searchers and end users. This new service is provided through an annual subscription for the service which delivers content directly and seamlessly into the displayed bibliographic record.

It removes the need for individual cataloguing of published materials and includes the options to display
metadata, cover images, abstracts, reviews and so much more.

It is a simple addition to the Soutron database that requires no effort to implement, integrating into the record template within the Soutron Search Portal.

Here’s an example of what the service can deliver, taking a bibliographic records as they might appear when manually catalogued with metadata and the difference when using the Bibliography Meta Enrichment (bME) service. You can choose which of these you may wish to display!

A typical plain catalogue entry

The record shows just the basic information about the record and book cover image in the Soutron Search Portal.   Soutron Biblio Meta Basic Record  

The same record, but with meta enrichment

Alongside the basic record, more details about the author, related titles, a look at the content inside, table of contents, reviews and more are now shown.

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The benefits include:

  • You are absolved from hours, weeks or even months of catalogue updating
  • You don’t need internal IT support for updates or enhancements as this is all managed for you
  • Your costs will be predictable since you don’t need to employ extra staff to maintain your content
  • Your catalogue will shine with varied and rich content for users to peruse

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