Soutron Global Expands Their Partner Program to Resellers and New International Regions

Soutron Global Press Release

International library, archives, information resources, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the expansion of their Partner Program to resellers and new international regions, providing our partners the benefit of expanding their portfolios and growing their business.

Soutron is a leading provider of cloud-based SaaS information management systems for libraries, archives, information, and knowledge centres. Our Unicode-compliant solutions are used by organisations of all sizes around the world to manage their information more efficiently and effectively. When organisations partner with us as resellers, they can offer their clients a world-class information solution that is both flexible and powerful, while enjoying a range of advantages that come with being part of the Soutron family.  That family of products includes flexible and customisable solutions for archive management, special library collection management, information and knowledge centre portal management, along with a peer document review management solution that helps organisations to collect organisational know-how.

Some key advantages of becoming a Soutron Global reseller include being able to provide enhanced software offerings that supply a secure, easy to use, and comprehensive information management solution. The ability to provide customised, secure data archiving with end-user submissions, along with advanced metadata thesauri classification of documents and other project artifacts, provides Soutron resellers a competitive edge over file shares in today’s complex, distributed data environment.

“I value our partner resellers and am committed to fostering long-term relationships that encourage collaboration, growth and success”, states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global.  “I work closely with our partners to ensure our mutual interests are aligned for the long-term and that, together we can achieve our business goals. As a US-based company with a large presence in the UK, watching our expansion into new international regions is exciting.”

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