Latest Updates from Soutron Summer 2021

Soutron Summer Update 2021

The summer months arrive and we look ahead to more pleasant weather (and a change in our daily routines). We continue to explore how we can improve and extend search capabilities. By the beginning of July, we expect to release further new features with Soutron version 4.1.6.

Yes, I know we have only just announced release of version 4.1.5, but while we were testing 4.1.5 and preparing it for release, two exciting new features were being developed, but we couldn’t get them into 4.1.5. (Sorry for all the number references!). So, we decided to make these available as soon as we had completed them because I believe that adding Facet Search and an embedded in-record PDF Viewer will make search easier, improve accuracy and deliver a better user experience.

A big thank you to two clients who provided fantastic support and assistance to put these features into the application.

Version 4.1.6 Update

Soutron 4.1.6 New Features

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A simple search on our Search Portal will present a set of results but will now show a list of content from selected fields in the database from which the user can choose in order to navigate more precisely to relevant records. It will also indicate how many records can be found in each field shown.

For Corporate Archives, the Date Selector / Slider tool will be a great addition. Those who have implemented version 4.1.5 will already be seeing improved performance in Search Portal and these new capabilities will help to shine a light on content in the database.

Ongoing Developments

As always at Soutron, development continues. Reaction to our new Submission forms and Document Review functionality has been incredible and this set of features paves the way to introduce new ways to capture data in forms when cataloguing. Changing the data entry form templates, to take advantage of improvements in web browsers and use in line editing, we believe will streamline this manual effort and improve productivity and make for a much more pleasing experience.

We are treading carefully and slowly so that we do not introduce unnecessary changes or lose functionality already available, but we will see improvements hopefully before the end of summer. And alongside this a new thesaurus function is being worked on but that is a much bigger task and something to talk about later this year.

To learn more about our cloud-based solutions and how best to present your collections and information online, contact us today.


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