How to Plan and Implement Data Migration

The team at Soutron is not new to the integrated library system, archive management and database game. We have decades of institutional knowledge and combined experience across our company. We’ve helped facilitate literally thousands of data migrations, and we’re confident there’s no company better equipped to help plan and execute data migrations.

Preparation and Extraction

Data migration is rarely easy, but the complexity and difficulty of the project can vary greatly depending on the organization, the cleanliness of their existing data and the amount of data that must be migrated.

While we can provide advice and guidance on data extraction, . We aren’t licensed to use your legacy integrated library system or archive management tool, and the last thing we want to do is breach your contract terms.

Your organization also knows your data better than we do. Having your team perform the data extraction can help ensure no data is missed and you are providing the most complete data set possible for migration.

We encourage you to thoroughly check your own data and confirm it is complete prior to the handoff to Soutron.

Working internally with relevant teams may be an effective approach for your business or institution. Quality assurance and project management may also be key to successfully extracting all your organizational data. We would be happy to advise on the best ways to go about ensuring timely and thorough data extraction.

Our data migration experts are flexible on the types of data we can migrate. Although most clients utilize XML, we frequently migrate data in MARC21 and CSV as well. Some clients even come to us with varied formats, which we can then standardize and clean to establish a single unified database.

Data Transfer

The Soutron team can arrange a secure FTP or SFTP transfer from your organization to our servers. We’ve worked with many organizations that must adhere to strict security guidelines and maintain tight information security protocols to ensure the safety of our clients’ data. As such, we do not accept portable media devices or USB sticks for data transfers.

Once we’ve received your data, we then begin migrating it to a test server reserved for your project.

Analyzing, Verifying and Structuring

The Soutron team makes data migration easy for clients by taking over the heavy lifting at this point. We utilize industry-leading data checking tools to perform detailed quality assurance on:

  • Record volumes
  • File and field structures
  • Data tagging and structuring
  • Data consistency
  • Field completion

This initial analysis lets us identify issues that we can correct during the early steps of the migration process. It also allows us to start brainstorming optimal data structures for your database. At the end of this process, we can load all your data into our test database and review the results.

Schema Development

Once the data has been loaded into a test database, we can begin designing data schema and preparing the database to handle the data load. The size of your data may necessitate multiple loads for successful completion.

All your data will have been converted into XML format for storage on a Soutron database. Using XML allows us to develop scripts that can be used to enhance the ultimate presentation of your data in your Soutron platform.

Review Test Server with Client

One of the last steps of the Soutron data migration process is reviewing the test instance we built with you. Soutron databases are built to last. Your organization could be using this platform for many years to come. It’s important to hear your comments and observations so we can modify scripts or reformat data and reload the server to ensure it meets your specific needs.

You should also take this opportunity to review the accuracy and completeness of your database to ensure it is ready for final data extraction, data load and going live with the end product.

Launching Your New Soutron Database

The last step of the process is taking your finished Soutron database online and training your team on using the platform. We can help you understand how to create entries and make the most of the many features built into your integrated library system or archive management software.

Our team takes pride in the comprehensive help desk and technical support services we offer, and we will always be available to assist you and your staff with any questions or issues that arise.

You can learn more about our data migration process by visiting our data migration FAQ. Organizations can also contact us to schedule a demo.


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