International Law Firm McMillan LLP Selects Soutron Global for Knowledge Management Solution

Multi-site McMillan LLP to Replace Library Automation Software From EOS and Inmagic

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces that McMillan LLP, a multi-branch law firm, has recently selected Soutron Global as their international knowledge management solution, replacing older automation software products from both EOS and Inmagic. McMillan LLP has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal and Hong Kong.

“What impressed us most about Soutron was the ease of use of their product, their willingness to partner with us and look at ways of improving the product and their commitment to providing support throughout the implementation process,” states Ted Tjaden, National Director, McMillan Knowledge Management.

McMillan LLP prides themselves on their proactive selection and implementation of innovative knowledge management solutions. As the #1 Metals and Mining Financing legal firm in Canada, industry-focused McMillan needs to not only cultivate, curate, and exploit industry knowledge, but also to foster knowledge sharing within their industry practice areas.

The Soutron Global legal library system enables industry-specific knowledge management due to its unique ability to allow the legal worker to enter custom reviews and ratings of materials, catalog their own materials, and provides for multiple classification support across national borders. In this manner, a legal industry knowledge worker in one locale immediately benefits from the knowledge of his associates in other offices without having to directly communicate with them.

“Our goal at Soutron Global has been to partner with our clients to manage library transformation by providing the best technology in the most cost effective manner,” says Tony Saadat, Soutron Global President and CEO. “We are extremely honored to have such a high profile law firm join the Soutron Global family.”

About Soutron Global

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