Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) Transforms Library Information Access with Soutron Global

Canada’s Largest Privately-held Military Library Formerly Used Inmagic

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces that the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI), Canada’s largest privately-held military library, has completed their conversion to Soutron Global from Inmagic. RCMI is based in Toronto, Canada.

The 15,000 volume Royal Canadian Military Institute Research Library holdings include significant books detailing Canada’s military history, including digitized historical archives from the 17th century. The library’s wide range of subject matter encompasses: Army, Navy, Air Force, training and equipment, tactics and strategy, uniforms, medals, war art and poetry. The RCMI permits a detailed study of subjects not readily found elsewhere.

Librarian Penny Lipman, B.A., MLS, needed an efficient solution which could accommodate not only the books in the RCMI collection, but also one that could seamlessly evolve to incorporate photographs and archival material. Additionally, she required a system that securely provides a web-based searchable catalog with basic “Guest” gateway access and a “Login” for exclusive member-only feature access. Since transforming the library catalog with the use of book covers, self-issue, along with reviews and ratings capabilities, Penny is particularly impressed by “the Library of Congress auto-cataloging feature [which] is an invaluable help with the backlog, to lighten the load on a solo librarian.”

Founded in 1890, the RCMI included “the promotion of Military Art, Science and Literature” in its mission. A core element of the Institute’s activities is the field of “Defense Studies,” particularly on issues related to Canadian Military Heritage and Contemporary Canadian Security.

Soutron Global upholds the RCMI’s mission by providing an informal social knowledge-based network for discussions related to matters of “security and defense.” Specifically, its social knowledge-based network enables public and private users of the RCMI library the ability to comment on and rate materials, thus keeping the spirit and traditions of RCMI moving forward.

“I am delighted to be able provide RCMI a secure, state-of-the-art library and knowledge management solution that delivers access to not only their historic possessions, but also provides RCMI members with an enhanced Social Knowledge Network,” states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global.


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