SLA Presidents Discuss How to Establish the “Relevancy Level” for Specialized Libraries

Transforming Libraries: SLA President Deb Hunt and SLA Past-President Guy St. Clair

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces its sponsorship of a new SLA seminar discussing how to establish special library relevancy. The seminar is scheduled for June 10th from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm at the San Diego Marriott Marquis Hotel during the SLA 2013 Conference. SLA President Deb Hunt (Information Edge) and SLA Past-President Guy St. Clair (SMR International) will be the guest speakers.

Establishing library relevancy levels and ensuring your strategic vision of those relevancy levels is in synch with current knowledge management practices is a challenge all specialized libraries face today. According to Guy St. Clair: “All libraries are fighting the transformation battle. As specialist librarians and strategic knowledge professionals, it’s our job to ensure that the libraries we manage meet the needs of our parent organizations. How do we do that? Simple. We put ourselves forward as knowledge thought leaders, demonstrating to others in the organization – including senior management – that our libraries are relevant.”

According to SLA President Deb Hunt, a pressing question many special librarians face today is: “How do we transform ourselves and the places we work or consult in so that others understand the value we bring to the table?”

At this interactive seminar Deb Hunt and Guy St. Clair will share their insights about library strategic vision, current knowledge management/knowledge services practices, and getting a seat at the table when corporate decisions are made about the management of information, knowledge, and strategic learning. You’ll learn whether your specialized library is as relevant as it could be and you’ll hear about how other specialist librarians moved their libraries to increased organizational and/or corporate relevance. During this session, Soutron Global (booth #424) will also briefly showcase how their transformational library, information, and knowledge management solutions can easily help make your library assets more strategically relevant and easily accessible.

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